Current Events - 2019

Caravaggio, "Adoration of the Shepherds" (detail), 1609, Museo Regionale, Messina

Carrón: "Christmas is the Encounter with the reality of men and women"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

"God chooses precisely this human state, which no attempt seems able to alter, to challenge the throwaway culture with the newness of a gaze that illuminates the infinite value of every single man." Julián Carrón's letter to 'Corriere della Sera'.

Julián Carrón and Michiel Peeters

The Netherlands: privileged for a Journey

Current EventsPaul van der Lee and Joost Peeters

Julián Carrón visited the CL community in the Netherlands for the first time. A visit to the new school, the presentation of the book of School of Community, the questions of those who live in one of the outposts of secularization. This is what happened.

Piero della Francesca, Madonna del Parto

Fraternity of St. Joseph Advent Retreat

Current EventsJulián Carrón

Notes from Julián Carrón's introduction and homily at the Advent Retreat of the Fraternity of St. Joseph in Pacengo (Verona).

Julián Carrón in Bergamo (Photo: Maria Premarini)

Carrón: To not lose your life living

Current EventsCarlo Dignola

The President of the Fraternity opened the second cycle on The Religious Sense, promoted by BergamoIncontra. The theme was the denial of the "constitutive questions" and our daily bewilderment.

The children helped by distance support through Avsi (Photo: A. Grassani)

Avsi tents campaign/7: Eli has grown up

Current EventsEmmanuele Michela

Distance support contributes not only to the training of an individual pupil, but to the life of the whole family. And, even if from a distance, you follow the children as they grow up, sometimes in a surprising way.

Christmas 2019: The Communion and Liberation poster

Current Events

The image featured in this year’s Christmas poster is Caravaggio’s ‘Adoration of the Shepherds’, from the Museo Regionale, Messina. Alongside it are passages from Alessandro Manzoni and Fr. Giussani.

Carrón in Florence

Carrón in Florence: Who can overcome solitude?

Current EventsMarco Lapi

A conference that dealt with one of the most topical issues in the care of the elderly. The President of the Fraternity of CL spoke at it: "We are not alone, because One has come to keep us company, to accompany us in living".

One of the talks at Meeting Lisbon

Meeting Lisbon: "I wish I could hear someone’s human voice"

Current EventsJoana Ramos and Maria Durao

The cry of Job, indie rock, a doctor on vacation who enters by chance, the President of the Republic... A chronicle of Meeting Lisbon by those who organized it: "We only carry four loaves and two fish".

Helping to study (photo by Aldo Gianfrate)

Avsi Tents Campaign/2: A task of "Ten Minutes"

Current EventsSilvia Guidi

A house that is open to families in some areas of Milan, Turin and Madrid. The Sisters of Charity of the Assumption take care of adults and children, nursing them and helping them study. Another project from the 2019/20 Campaign.

Encuentro Santiago 2019

Chile: If a good for all were built in Santiago

Current EventsEduardo Fredes Seleme

At Encuentro Santiago the violence and chaos of the last years are still in people’s eyes. But, this weekend, in the South American capital, there was talk of dialogue, education and the encounter with diversity. In a setting of music and exhibitions.

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

AVSI Tents Campaign/1: Lebanon, a home for all

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

The title of this year's campaign is: "Get in the game with us – the new generations, protagonists of the world”. Projects in the Amazon, Syria, Venezuela, Mozambique and Italy. A new centre for Syrian refugees will be built in Lebanon.

Spain: We need people who are free

Current Events

On 10 November, Spain returns to the polls, once again, for a general election. The fourth in four years. The CL community in Spain has published a flyer on the elections.

The meeting with Azurmendi, Franceschini e Cotelo

EncuentroMadrid 2019: Have we found our human face?

Current EventsElena Santa María

A weekend full of encounters, conversations and dialogues. From protagonists of the Bible to the legacy of Václav Havel, from the challenge of school to the drama of forgiveness. The same question emerges: where is the 'I' born?