Current Events - 2005

A View of Earth from Space. Creative Commons CC0

A Question of Reason

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

"The Catholic affirmation of the ability of reason to grasp an intelligent design behind reality does not depend on the results of such a scientific method." Reprinted from the Italian magazine "Tempi," No. 29, 9/22/05.

Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete.

The Dictatorship of Desires and the Experience of Truth

Current Events

A conversation between Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete and Dr. Joseph Weiler on relativism and skepticism, faith and tolerance, in America and Europe, a way out of slavery, a path to freeing the heart of contemporary man.

Boston Skyline By Y.Sawa via Wikimedia Commons

Texts in Our Hands and Facts in Our Eyes

Current EventsMichelle Riconscente

The CL responsibles for North America gathered in Florida. The newness of the Christian encounter reborns throughout the entire continent. Something that generates unity and hope in the solitude of American life.