US, UK and More - 2020

David Horowitz playing the piano

Horowitz: The warmth of a jingle

US, UK and MoreMarco Bardazzi*

In his studios, among a swarm of musicians, "creating the New York soundtrack". His story, his encounters, his words. This is how a friend recounted David Horowitz’s story in a book published a few years ago.

Marco Bardazzi's book, ''Sotto il cielo d'America'' (Under the American Sky)
John Williams with Fr. Luca Speziale (Photo: Luca Fiore)

“What I have been looking for all my life”

US, UK and MoreMichela Young

John, now 85 years old, became a Catholic at 22. After meeting the movement of Communion and Liberation 13 months ago, he says, “I have received a whole new understanding of what it is to be a Christian.”

(Photo: Luca Fiore)