US, UK and More - 2006

United States Flag. Flickr

Encounter in the American West

US, UK and MoreDamian Bacich

Following last month’s visit to the southeastern United States, this month Traces travels to the American West, where for over twenty years a chapter of the Movement’s history has been slowing unfolding.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Wikimedia Commons

The Bay Ridge Fraternity

US, UK and MoreMaurizio Maniscalco

A Fraternity group in New York, born among families living in Brooklyn and environs. Faithfulness of the heart in the vicissitudes of daily life.

Antique Map of the Southeastern United States. Wikimedia Commons

Springtime in The South: Five Encounters

US, UK and MoreMichelle Riconscente

The Southeast has witnessed a surge of interest in Fr. Giussani. This month, New World recounts stories of the many lives changed by the encounter with Christ. From a companionship to a certainty: verification of the “Something within something.”

Perth, Australia. Creative Commons CC0

Strange Games of Destiny at the 20th Parallel South

US, UK and MoreRiccardo Piol

John Kinder, Professor of Italian in Perth, leads a small but lively community: 12 friends, including a priest, a lawyer, a professor, a housewife, and now students. It's the unexpected fruit of an adventure that began in solitude almost thirty years ago