US, UK and More - 2011

An Elderly Patient with her Caregiver. Flickr

The Hidden Privilege

US, UK and MoreVeronica Bushman, Elvira Parravicini, Costanza Raimondi

The first intuition dawned during a visit to his sick grandmother in Croatia, and was followed by confirmations, is the path of a physician who found a treasure that allows him to accompanying others to Destiny.

The Crosby CL community.

A Journey to freedom

US, UK and MoreChris Bacich

Picking up the story of Fr. Julián Carrón’s month-long visit to the American CL communities, Traces presents some other witnesses–from Minnesota to the West Coast–of a people living the question of what makes life really life.

Julián Carrón in Monument Valley, Utah, with friends.

Coast to Coast

US, UK and MoreChris Bacich

In July, among U.S. communites across the country, a series of surprising encounters with Fr. Julián Carrón took place.