US, UK and More - 2021

Fr. Luigi Giussani

Fr. Giussani and I. Confessions of a headteacher

US, UK and MoreLuca Fiore

Sixteen years since the death of Fr. Giussani, the story of Hans van Mourik Broekman who "met" Giussani last year, making him reconsider his way of working and living his faith. From the February issue of Traces.

Hans van Mourik Broekman
Communion at the "Drive-Thru" in Harrisburg, South Dakota

Fr. John and the “Drive thru”

US, UK and MoreFr. John Rutten

A new, suburban parish in a town in South Dakota. The pandemic, the loneliness of the people, and the suspension of Sunday Mass. Fr. John recounts what has been happening, and talks about the line of cars in his driveway.

Fr. John Rutten