US, UK and More - 2000

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Wikimedia Commons

Something New Under the Sky in Bay Ridge

US, UK and MoreMarco Bardazzi

In a park in multi-ethnic Brooklyn, an initiative by the New York community. Amid songs, exhibits, gastronomical delicacies, and games for the children, the occasion to encounter an ideal without end.

Giacomo Leopardi. Wikimedia Commons

“Latte” with Leopardi

US, UK and MoreJohn Kinder

At the University of Perth an Australian professor proposes a course of study on an Italian poet to his students, challenging them with quotes from a critic and a priest.

Final sunset over the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Flickr

So Far And Yet So Near

US, UK and MoreRoberto Perrone

On assignment in Sydney for the Olympic games. New encounters and the discovery of a common origin, when and where it is least expected. Aided by e-mail, the telephone, and a table full of food.

Flags of Canada and the United States. Wikimedia Commons

The New Frontier

US, UK and MoreGiorgio Vittadini

A trip across the United States and Canada. The adventure of the new communities and the experience of those already existing. Everywhere and in every way the humble and certain awareness of being bearers of the world’s meaning.

Plattsburgh, NY. Wikimedia Commons

Guess Who’s Coming to Plattsburgh

US, UK and MoreGiovanni Cesana E Luca Frigerio

From May 26th to 30th, American CLU students from various states came together for vacation, with two Italian guests who tell the story. Hikes, songs, jokes, and skits. The freshness of the beginning.