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Luigi Giussani, To Give One's Life for the Work of Another
Luigi Giussani's Works

To Give One's Life for the Work of Another

Edited by Julián Carrón
Luigi GiussaniMcGill-Queen's University Press 2022

The book is also available for purchase through McGill-Queen's University Press. The book can also be acquired in pounds sterling. Father Luigi Giussani engaged tirelessly in educational initiatives throughout the course of his life. Much of his thoug...

Luigi Giussani, The Religious Sense. New revised edition, 2023
Luigi Giussani's Works

The Religious Sense

New Revised Edition
Luigi GiussaniMcGill-Queen's University Press 2023

Translated by John Zucchi. (The book is also available for purchase through HAB Books) The Religious Sense, the fruit of many years of dialogue with students, is an exploration of the search for meaning in life. Luigi Giussani shows that the nature ...

Luigi Giussani, The Miracle of Hospitality, 2023
Luigi Giussani's Works

The Miracle of Hospitality

Luigi GiussaniSlant Books 2023

In his introduction, Fr. Julián Carrón asks: "Why is hospitality a miracle? It seems like something we should take for granted—opening the door of our home and letting someone in should be normal." And yet, he notes, "it is so exceptional that when it hap...

Marco Bardazzi, Everything I Did I Did for Happiness. The Life of Enzo Piccinini, 2023
Recommended Books

Everything I Did I Did for Happiness

The Life of Enzo Piccinini
Marco BardazziSlant Books 2023

In May 1999, seven thousand people crowded the basilica in Bologna, Italy to offer a farewell to Enzo Piccinini, a surgeon who died tragically at the age of forty-eight. Who was this doctor who had left an indelible mark on so many lives? Formed in an ...

Lorenzo Albacete, Cry of the Heart. On the Meaning of Suffering, 2023
Recommended Books

Cry of the Heart

On the Meaning of Suffering
Lorenzo AlbaceteSlant Books 2023

The experience of suffering has posed a profound existential challenge to human hearts and minds throughout history. But it has become especially problematic in our time, when, with our good intentions and technological prowess, we seek to relieve the suf...

 Erik Varden, The Shattering of Loneliness
Recommended Books

The Shattering of Loneliness

On Christian Remembrance
Erik VardenBloomsbury Continuum 2018

Editions of the book can also be acquired in US dollars. The experience of loneliness is as universal as hunger or thirst. Because it affects us more intimately, we are less inclined to speak of it. But who has not known its gnawing ache? The fear of l...

Giussani, Generating Traces in the History of the World
Luigi Giussani's Works

Generating Traces in the History of the World

Translated by Patrick Stevenson
L. Giussani - S. Alberto - J. PradesMcGill-Queen's University Press - Montreal 2010

(The book is also available for purchase through Barnes and Noble, itacalibri, and through the National office in NY by writing to Generating Traces in the History of the World is a synthesis of Monsignor Luigi Giussan...

Books by Fr. Carrón

Education. Communicating One’s Self

A contribution to the event encouraged by Pope Francis: “Reconstructing the Global Compact on Education”
Julián CarrónHuman Adventure books 2021

Education is transmitting the meaning of life; it is not a word, it is an experience. The problem of education, first and foremost, concerns us adults, because the opportunity that our young people may have of encountering a path for their journey depe...

Alberto Savorana, The Life of Luigi Giussani, McGill-Queen's University Press
Books on Fr. Giussani

The Life of Luigi Giussani

Alberto SavoranaMcGill-Queen's University Press 2018

Monsignor Luigi Giussani (1922-2005) was the founder of the Catholic lay movement Communion and Liberation in Italy, which has hundreds of thousands of adherents around the globe. In The Life of Luigi Giussani Alberto Savorana, who spent an important part...

Books by Fr. Carrón

Disarming Beauty

Essays on Faith, Truth, and Freedom
Julián CarrónNotre Dame Press 2017

In 2005, Father Julián Carrón became the leader of the global ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation, following the death of the movement’s founder, Father Luigi Giussani. Disarming Beauty is the English translation of an engaging and thought-provoki...

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Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo 2016

"Who better than Fr. Giussani has shown us the meaning of living with this Presence in our gaze? And what's better than hearing him tell us about the nature of the charism and transport us once again--as he often did--back to the center, Christ?" Juliá...

Itaca 2015

The gaze, voice, and words of Luigi Giussani, founder of Communion and Liberation, ten years after his passing. An excellent documentary in memory of a great protagonist of our time, Fr. Luigi Giussani, on the tenth anniversary of his death. Photograp...

Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo 2015

On Saturday, March 7, 2015, on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the birth of Communion and Liberation and the 10th anniversary of Fr. Luigi Giussani's passing, the Holy Father Pope Francis encountered the Movement in an audience in St. Peter's Square. ...

CD "Spirto Gentil" Series

Voi ch'amate lo criatore. Mediaeval Lauds

Choir of Communion and Liberation directed by Pippo Molino
Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo-Universal Music 2010

For the mediaeval world, the permanence of Christ in history was a fact – Christ was really a presence. These Lauds are the result of a simplicity, as a virtue, that accepted the evidence of the wonder That Man aroused. The wonder He aroused was like a p...

CD "Spirto Gentil" Series

O cor soave. The Philippine Lauds

Choir of Communion and Liberation directed by Pippo Molino
Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo-Universal Music 2009

What an impact of beauty and truth these have songs in us! What intense, living devotion they provoke in us. They move us to sincere and profound piety. The Philippine pietas is the only true popular pietas of the sixteenth century. St. Philip Neri was ab...

CD "Spirto Gentil" Series

Jesu dulcis memoria. Gregorian Chants

Amici Cantores and Antiqua Laus directed by Enrico De Capitani
Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo-Universal Music 2009

In the middle ages when they really did know how to sing, the highest musical expression was a melody made up of “a-a-a-a” that was called “Jubilus” (it is still preserved in some noble museums of the territory around Milan, but the Milanese priests no lo...

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Fraternity Exercises

"Christ, the Life of Life" (2022)

The booklet of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL, 2022

The texts of the meditations of Father Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori, Abbot General of the Cistercian Order, on the occasion of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL, held via video link from Friday April 29 to Sunday May 1, 2022.

Texts for GS

The urgent need for happiness (2022)

The challenge of maturity

On May 29, 2022, via video conference from Milan, the meeting of Student Youth members finishing their last year of high school with Davide Prosperi and Francesco Barberis.


Christ present in the passing instant

Conversations with Fr. Pigi Bernareggi

Pier Luigi Bernareggi (1939-2021), Pigi, was a student of Monsignor Luigi Giussani, founder of the Communion and Liberation movement, in the 1950s, at the Berchet High School in Milan. There he encountered the experience of GS (Gioventù Studentesca, the o...

Communion and Liberation. A Movement in the Church (2021)
Fraternità di Comunione e Liberazione 2021

A missionary tool to make CL’s ecclesial reality, its purpose and pedagogy, history, and the associations that have been born from its charism, known in a simple but complete way.


You only see what you admire (2020)

Beginning of the Year Day

Notes from Beginning of the Year Day for adults and university students of Communion and Liberation, which was held via video link on September 26, 2020. The booklet includes Julián Carrón's reflection and the transcript of the television interview with ...

Texts for GS

You only see what you admire (2020)

The GS Beginning Day

On October 10 2020, the Student Youth (Gioventù Studentesca) Beginning Day took place via video link in Italy and abroad, with Julián Carrón and Francesco Barberis. The title of the day was: You only see what you admire. Pdf and epub

Texts for GS

"What am I here to do in the world?" (2020)

The challenge of graduation

On February 12, 2020, in Milan, a meeting was held with Fr. Julián Carrón and Francesco Barberis, with members of Gioventù Studentesca. Students from more than eighty cities in Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and the Czech Republic also connected to the meet...

The Beginning of the Year Day for GS, 2019
Texts for GS

"Who Is This Man?" (2019)

The GS Beginning Day Milan, 6 October, 2019

On 6 October, 2019, almost two thousand high school students from Lombardy met for the Beginning of the Year Day for Gioventù Studentesca. The title of the day was: "Who Is This Man?". The meeting with Fr. Carrón and Francesco Barberis took place in the...

Texts for GS

What Can Withstand the Test of Time? (2019)

The GS Easter Triduum Rimini, April 18-20, 2019

The GS Easter Triduum took place on April 18-20, 2019, in Rimini. The title of the Triduum was, "What Can Withstand the Test of Time?" The lessons were guided by Fr. Pierluigi Banna and saw about 6,000 students from Italy and abroad in attendance.


The Meaning of Charitable Work

The 2018 reprint of the 1961 edition.

About sixty years from the its first edition--curated by GS and published in Milan in 1961--this short text preserves its valuable content and method.