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Alberto Savorana, The Life of Luigi Giussani, McGill-Queen's University Press
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The Life of Luigi Giussani

Alberto SavoranaMcGill-Queen's University Press 2018

Monsignor Luigi Giussani (1922-2005) was the founder of the Catholic lay movement Communion and Liberation in Italy, which has hundreds of thousands of adherents around the globe. In The Life of Luigi Giussani Alberto Savorana, who spent an important part...

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Apologia Pro Vita Sua

John Henry NewmanPenguin Classics 1994

John Henry Newman, one of the towering figures of the early Victorian Church of England, caused shock and outrage in equal measure when he announced his espousal of Roman Catholicism in 1845. His Apologia, written nearly twenty years later in response to ...

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John Henry NewmanWiseblood Books 2013

Callista, one of John Henry Cardinal Newman’s two novels, is the story of a young pagan woman in Roman North Africa and her would-be suitor, a Christian youth, easy-going in his religious practices. Newman paints a fascinating picture of life in the Roman...

Giussani, Why the Church?
Luigi Giussani's Works

Why the Church?

Translated by Viviane Hewitt
Luigi GiussaniMcGill-Queen's University Press - Montreal 2001

(The book is also available for purchase through Barnes and Noble and through the National office in NY by writing to From its beginnings, the Church has presented itself as a human phenomenon that carries the divine w...

Books by Fr. Carrón

Disarming Beauty

Essays on Faith, Truth, and Freedom
Julián CarrónNotre Dame Press 2017

In 2005, Father Julián Carrón became the leader of the global ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation, following the death of the movement’s founder, Father Luigi Giussani. Disarming Beauty is the English translation of an engaging and thought-provoki...

Par Lagerkvist, Barabbas
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Translated by Lucien Maury
Par LagerkvistVintage 1989

Barabbas is the acquitted; the man whose life was exchanged for that of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified upon the hill of Golgotha. Barabbas is a man condemned to have no god. "Christos Iesus" is carved on the disk suspended from his neck, but he cannot affir...

Luigi Giussani, The Risk of Education, McGill-Queen's University Press 2019
Luigi Giussani's Works

The Risk of Education

Discovering Our Ultimate Destiny
Luigi GiussaniMcGill-Queen's University Press 2019

Translated by Mariangela Sullivan Luigi Giussani, a high school religion teacher throughout the 1950s and 1960s, grounded his teachings in the vast body of experience to be found in Christianity's two-thousand-year history. He told his students, “I'm n...

Giussani, Christ, God's Companionship with Man
Luigi Giussani's Works

Christ, God's Companionship with Man

Excerpts selected and presented by Julián Carrón
Luigi GiussaniMcGill-Queen's University Press - Montreal 2015

(The book is also available for purchase through McGill-Queen's University Press) This volume is a selection of the most significant writings by Monsignor Luigi Giussani (1922-2005), founder of the Italian Catholic lay movement Communion and Liberation...

Luigi Giussani, American Protestant Theology
Luigi Giussani's Works

American Protestant Theology

Introduction by Archibald J. Spencer. Translated by Damien Bacich
Luigi GiussaniMcGill-Queen's University Press - Montreal 2013

In American Protestant Theology, Luigi Giussani traces the history of the most meaningful theological expressions and the cultural significance of American Protestantism, from its origins in seventeenth-century Puritanism to the 1950s. Giussani clarifies...

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Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo 2016

"Who better than Fr. Giussani has shown us the meaning of living with this Presence in our gaze? And what's better than hearing him tell us about the nature of the charism and transport us once again--as he often did--back to the center, Christ?" Juliá...

Itaca 2015

The gaze, voice, and words of Luigi Giussani, founder of Communion and Liberation, ten years after his passing. An excellent documentary in memory of a great protagonist of our time, Fr. Luigi Giussani, on the tenth anniversary of his death. Photograp...

Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo 2015

On Saturday, March 7, 2015, on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the birth of Communion and Liberation and the 10th anniversary of Fr. Luigi Giussani's passing, the Holy Father Pope Francis encountered the Movement in an audience in St. Peter's Square. ...

CD "Spirto Gentil" Series

Voi ch'amate lo criatore. Mediaeval Lauds

Choir of Communion and Liberation directed by Pippo Molino
Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo-Universal Music 2010

For the mediaeval world, the permanence of Christ in history was a fact – Christ was really a presence. These Lauds are the result of a simplicity, as a virtue, that accepted the evidence of the wonder That Man aroused. The wonder He aroused was like a p...

CD "Spirto Gentil" Series

O cor soave. The Philippine Lauds

Choir of Communion and Liberation directed by Pippo Molino
Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo-Universal Music 2009

What an impact of beauty and truth these have songs in us! What intense, living devotion they provoke in us. They move us to sincere and profound piety. The Philippine pietas is the only true popular pietas of the sixteenth century. St. Philip Neri was ab...

CD "Spirto Gentil" Series

Jesu dulcis memoria. Gregorian Chants

Amici Cantores and Antiqua Laus directed by Enrico De Capitani
Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo-Universal Music 2009

In the middle ages when they really did know how to sing, the highest musical expression was a melody made up of “a-a-a-a” that was called “Jubilus” (it is still preserved in some noble museums of the territory around Milan, but the Milanese priests no lo...

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GS Triduum

What Can Withstand the Test of Time? (2019)

The GS Easter Triduum Rimini, April 18-20, 2019

The GS Easter Triduum took place on April 18-20, 2019, in Rimini. The title of the Triduum was, "What Can Withstand the Test of Time?" The lessons were guided by Fr. Pierluigi Banna and saw about 6,000 students from Italy and abroad in attendance.


The Meaning of Charitable Work

The 2018 reprint of the 1961 edition.

About sixty years from the its first edition--curated by GS and published in Milan in 1961--this short text preserves its valuable content and method.