Stories - 2023

Jimmy Tamba at the Rimini Meeting (Archivio Meeting)

Sierra Leone: the fruit of a friendship

WorldMaria Acqua Simi

From former child soldier to foster father. Jimmy Tamba recounts his meeting with Fr. Berton, CL and the Nembrini family. "They did not analyze what had happened to me, they made me see the good in the world."

Russian writer and dissident Mikhail Shiskin (Archivio Meeting)

Mikhail Shishkin: "Only culture can rebuild"

EncountersMaria Acqua Simi

One of the greatest contemporary Russian authors, now in exile: “When the war ends, it will be language, music, poetry that will build bridges between Russians and Ukrainians. That is why I do not stop writing.”

Cardinal Baltazar Enrique Porras Cardozo in Rimini (Photo: Meeting Archive)

Venezuela: "Within fatigue, we are joyful Christians"

EncountersMaria Acqua Simi

The exhibition on Blessed José Gregorio Hernández, his first time at the Meeting, the challenges of a country in crisis. Cardinal Baltazar Enrique Porras Cardozo, Archbishop of Caracas, speaks.

(Photo: Giacomo Bellavista)

Sparks of the Meeting

WorldGiacomo Bellavista

Giacomo volunteered at the Meeting as a photographer. Here, in pictures and words, he recounts his days in Rimini

A street in Havana

Cuba: Change of frequency

WorldAlejandro Mayo

The Cuban community gathered to follow the presentation of The Religious Sense. But that evening, among the streets of Old Havana, the encounters and surprises continued. Alejandro's story from the latest issue of "Huellas”.

Enrique Arroyo, Director of the Colegio J.H. Newman in Madrid

Madrid: "My adventure with Newman”

WorldEnrique Arroyo Orueta

The encounter with the movement at age 17. The "yes" to Christ, the choice to teach and the birth of a school that today welcomes more than 1,500 students. Enrique Arroyo's testimony at the European Diaconia.

Paolo and Elena and their three children

Greece: "Our vocation is the world"

WorldMaria Acqua Simi

Paolo and Elena live in Athens. Charitable giving, dinners, meeting with other movements and associations up to the Spiritual Exercises. "To rediscover, in the gaze of the other, the beauty of our charism."

Fr. Berton among his young people

Bepi Berton: The mango seed

WorldErnest Sesay

The Xaverian missionary in Sierra Leone died ten years ago. Caring for local Christian communities, welcoming the youngest, child soldiers... The memory of one of those young people "embraced by him".

Fr. Andrew Lee

"A new beginning, in which Christ will keep me with Him forever”

WorldPaola Ronconi

Born in South Korea, he moved with his family to Vancouver. At 13, he entered the diocesan seminary, and then came the encounter with St. Charles Fraternity. The story of Andrew Lee, one of the fraternity's new priests ordained on June 24.

Sydney (Photo: Unsplash/Photologic)

Meeting up in Sydney out of gratitude

US, UK and MoreFilippo Begnini

They called it "Syd Catch up," a kind of mini Meeting, the first public event organized by the small community in the Australian city. Two meetings and an exhibition that have not gone unnoticed.

John Cavadini (Photo: Matt Cashore/ University of Notre Dame /Catholic Press Photo)

Be realists, ask for the impossible

EncountersLuca Fiore

American theologian John Cavadini describes the “countercultural” value of Giussani’s book: “I am so moved just to know that my students have the chance to read a book like this.” From June Traces.

Florence and Obote Milton

Uganda: Florence's three prayers

WorldAnna Leonardi

She is one of "Rose's women." Her and Obote Milton were to be married in a church 20 years after their marriage in a tribal ceremony. Two weeks before the wedding he was killed. Their story and her words at his funeral.

Emanuela Vismara in the oncology ward

"Infinitely, will you be here?"

WorldAnna Leonardi

A work “within” her work. From the May issue of Tracce, the experience of Emanuela Vismara, a young nurse in a pediatric oncology ward.

Jim Foley (© Ansa)

The forgiveness of a mother


Diane Foley lost a journalist son, kidnapped and beheaded by Isis in Syria. But resentment did not have the last word: "God teaches us mercy. We all need mercy.” She met his murderer, and convinced the U.S government to intervene in defense of hostages.

Boris Gudziak (Catholic Press Photo)

Ukraine: Safeguard your heart

EncountersLuca Fiore

His story and that of his martyred land. The tale of a people who live on. In April Traces, Monsignor Borys Gudziak, Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, speaks of a people who live on.

The charity at Kayrós Yellow House on the outskirts of Milan (Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)

Kayrós: Is this truly enough?

WorldPaola Ronconi

An evening with those who prepare dinner for the young people welcomed by Fr. Claudio Burgio. In the April issue of Traces, the story of charitable work in the community on the outskirts of Milan.

Photo: Unsplash/Stephanie McCabe

Austria: Monday is the best day

WorldLidia Zorzoli

What is the meaning of work? How can it be truly human? And what does it have to do with faith? Some time ago in Vienna, an initiative started where, over an aperitif, people began to tell each other and compare notes.

Fr. Pier Luigi Maccalli

Maccalli: The chains, the desert and freedom

EncountersAnna Leonardi

Kidnapped for more than two years by Islamic terrorists, Fr. Pier Luigi Maccalli, a missionary in Africa, recounts his dialogue with his captors. And with God. From the March issue of Tracce.

Maria Grazia Zambon in Konya, Turkey

Turkey: "My open questions, amid the rubble"

WorldMaria Acqua Simi

A missionary for 20 years in Anatolia, Maria Grazia Zambon recounts how she experienced the earthquake, and what she saw happen in the affected areas. "A catastrophe that revealed the truth of the human heart".