Stories - 2004

AVSI logo. Via Wikimedia Commons

Living in a New Way at Work and in the Family

WorldFrancis Nkafor

His encounter with the Movement in Nigeria radically changed his way of facing daily life, from the choice of work to the use of money. The extraordinary at the heart of normality.

Fr. Pietro Tiboni.

True Peace for Rwanda

WorldPietro Tiboni

"Only the encounter with a new experience, which already lives reconciliation, can give the strength to generate forgiveness and thus peace." Fr. Pietro Tiboni on the situation in Rwanda.

Our Lady of Guadalupe. Wikimedia Commons

Ecclesia in America? An Urgent Question

EncountersLorenzo Albacete

The positive contribution of Hispanic culture to the Anglo-Saxon world and the Church’s challenge in serving the Hispanic presence: an interview with Mario Paredes.

University of Chicago, Illinois. Via Wikimedia Commons

Freedom as Ideal, Freedom as Ideology

EncountersLorenzo Albacete

Traces spoke with Jean Bethke Elshtain, the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics at the University of Chicago, prominent political philosopher and author of over 20 books.

Family. Photo by Eric Ward via Wikimedia Commons

The Family in Crisis

EncountersMaurizio Maniscalco

An interview with Professor Robert Royal, President of the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington, DC, about the social benefits of the family and its breakdown today, and the central role of education.

'Free Curve to the Point' by Wassily Kandinsky via Wikimedia Commons

Teaching in Indiana: Discovery of Unity

US, UK and MorePaolo Carozza

Before encountering the Movement, this law professor at the University of Notre Dame, in the United States, felt as if his life were divided, his faith on one side and his daily life on the other. “What most struck me was seeing all of life as vocation.”

Montreal, Canada. Public Domain CC0

From Russia to Canada

US, UK and MoreCecilia Zucchi

Cecilia tells of her encounter with John, her marriage, their move to Montréal, the births of their four children… and many other encounters, which opened their hearts and their home to a greater experience, beyond every measure.

The Kampala Skyline. Wikimedia Commons

Our Joy in a Situation of Despair

WorldPier Alberto Bertazzi

From Uganda to Nigeria, a journey amongst communities of the Movement that includes university students, AVSI volunteers, and Memores Domini: A people at work, building, never giving up hope for salvation.

The Bronx, New York. Flickr

The Christian Challenge in the Bronx

US, UK and MoreMarco Bardazzi

We offer the story of Father Carlos Acosta, a Uruguayan priest who has experienced the Movement as a road for living the priestly vocation amidst the people.

Columbia University Campus. Creative Commons CC0

The Beginning of CLU at Columbia

US, UK and MoreGiovanni Cesana

"Now I'm following Him." The account of the birth of CLU at Columbia University, New York.

Signing of the U.S. Constitution. Creative Commons CC0

Rights Undiluted

US, UK and MoreDavid Forte

Professor at Cleveland–Marshall College of Law, Ohio, political analyst David Forte questions public awareness of the most fundamental values in society: human rights.