Current Events - 2023

Migrants on a boat heading for Lampedusa (Photo: Ansa-Dpa)

Migrants: "Educating to welcome is possible"

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

Lampedusa, the arrival of boats, the deaths at sea… and the Pope's speech in Marseilles. Oliviero Forti, head of migration policies at Caritas, speaks: "Humanitarian corridors, an educational model of charity."

The exhibition on Fr. Giussani set up in the Opera prison house (Milan)

The "thank you" sung behind bars

Current EventsGiorgio Paolucci*

The volunteers of Incontro e Presenza brought Fr. Giussani's centenary exhibition to the Opera prison in Milan. In the prisoners' stories, the figure of a priest they never knew, who is changing their lives (from the September issue of Tracce.

Meeting 2023: The meeting on the title

Current Events

'Human existence is an inexhaustible friendship'. The dialogue with Monsignor Giuseppe Baturi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Cagliari and Secretary of the Italian Bishops' Conference, dedicated to the theme of the 44th edition.

(Photo: Archivio Meeting)

Prosperi: "What makes the impossible possible"

Current EventsPaolo Viana

A Rimini Meeting dedicated to friendship, Communion and Liberation and that "companionship guided by destiny" of which Fr. Giussani spoke. From Avvenire, an interview with the President of the Fraternity.

(Photo: Rimini Meeting)

Meeting 2023: The Pope's message

Current Events

The Holy Father's words signed by Cardinal Parolin, on the occasion of the 44th edition. Davide Prosperi: "We have nothing more at heart but to learn that 'new morality' that springs from the encounter with Jesus."

The Meeting will be held from August 20 to 25 (Photo: Archivio Meeting)

Towards the Meeting: friendship radiates the world

Current EventsDavide Perillo

"Friendship is a gift from God that goes before us, so it is inexhaustible. And it has a very strong cultural impact." An interview with Bernhard Scholz, President of the Rimini Meeting, in the August issue of Tracce.

Daniele Mencarelli (Photo: Rimini Meeting)

The need for the unimaginable

Current EventsPaola Bergamini

Our thirst, “because water exists", the posture of free persons that “makes them hunt for the event.” In August Traces, a conversation with writer Daniele Mencarelli on Fr. Giussani’s challenge in The Religious Sense.

An app to experience the Meeting

Current Events

Access, as always, is free. But you will need to download an app and generate your personal QRcode to access the Fiera. Shows, conferences and visits to exhibitions can already be booked.

Andrea Mandelli

WYD: An unexpected protagonist

Current EventsRicardo Formigo

Andrea Mandelli died at the age of 19 in 1990. He will be among the protagonists of the upcoming World Youth Day. Here is how the exhibition about him in Lisbon came about.

Towards WYD in Lisbon (Photo: COD Lisboa)

WYD: Davide Prosperi's message

Current EventsDavide Prosperi

The President of the Fraternity's words to high school and college students on pilgrimage to Lisbon for World Youth Day and the meeting with Pope Francis.

Sergio Rubini, performing in "Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Qur'ān"

Rimini Meeting: The shows of the 2023 edition

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

Special guests such as Sergio Rubini, Alessandro Preziosi, Gabriele Lavia, Morgan and Monica Salmaso. Tributes to Testori, Gaber, Jannacci, Battisti and Adriana Mascagni.

The headquarters of the U.S. Supreme Court (Photo: Ansa/Epa/Shawn Thew

US: The supreme court and the drivers of social change

Current EventsPasquale Annicchino

In the American culture war, the judicial avenue seems to be the solution to the conflict of values. Two recent rulings have targeted political correctness. But there are still many knots to unravel.

(Photo: Daniel Ibanez)

Rimini Meeting: The creativity of relationships

Current EventsFilomena Armentano

Opening with Cardinal Zuppi and closing with Sergio Mattarella, the presentation of the program of this year’s Rimini Meeting (August 20-25) at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See.

Monsignor Rolando Álvarez

Nicaragua: the sacrifice of freedom

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

The dictatorship, the persecuted Church, violence against civilians. But also a faith that withstands the brunt of injustice. The story of Martha and Sara, Nicaraguan exiles.

Unsplash/Robin Worrall

Social Media: What's the harm (or good)?

Current EventsMaria Acqua Simi

Challenges, algorithms, new Church guidelines on their use, parents' doubts. We enter a fascinating but intricate world in an interview with Luca Botturi, digital education expert.

"Witnesses to the world of a living faith"

Current EventsDavide Prosperi

Davide Prosperi's message for the ordinations of the Fraternity of St. Charles: "witnesses to the world of a living faith, precisely because it is lived in this communion".