Current Events - 2002

Lake Placid. Photo by Mwanner via Wikimedia Commons

Fat Camp: East Coast CLU Vacation

Current EventsTommaso Mauri and Matteo Severgnini

Hikes in the woods and canoe rides, no-holds-barred games with teams challenging each other, and then Alpine songs 5,000 miles from Italy, evenings spent listening to classical music.

The Eucharist. CC0 Creative Commons

Priests in New York

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

Catholicism in the US is going through one of the hardest moments in history, with the many priests accused of sexual abuse. But this is only one side of the coin. The positive experiences of some priests: Fr. Rich Veras, Fr. Sansone, and Msgr. Albacete.

September 11th, 2001. Flickr

That Day America Had to Come out of Itself

Current EventsRoberto Fontolan

David Forte teaches law at Cleveland State University and is a scholar whose opinion is respected in the United States. At the Meeting in Rimini, he gave a talk as part of the meeting entitled “Uncle Sam’s Return.”

Ground Zero Cross. Wikimedia Commons

The Place of Hope

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

How to commemorate the darkest day in United States history? While most limited themselves to letting the dead speak, the New York CL community engaged in a different gesture, in which the leading role was played by hope.

Fireman among the rubble from the Twin Towers. Creative Commons CC0

Looking Inside the Fear

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

A year after the attack on the Twin Towers, no geopolitical explanation has managed to satisfy Americans in search of an ultimate meaning. The reflections of a keen observer.

American Flag. Public Domain CC0

The Intellectuals and the Defense of a Nation

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

A document endorsed by several US intellectuals, conservatives and liberals alike, to stress equality and human rights reminiscent of the Declaration of Independence. A study of the sentiments that move the American culture of today.

The first Way of the Cross across the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Riro Maniscalco

Charity at Ground Zero

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi, Photos by James Leynse (AG. Contrasto)

Downtown New York stopped for the Cross passing by. The Way of the Cross, traveling over the Brooklyn Bridge, arrived next to Ground Zero. Almost 3000 participants, the mayor’s greetings, and the testimony of one of New York’s firefighters.

Pope John Paul II. Flickr

The Positivity of Christian Faith.... To New York

Current EventsJoannes Paulus PP II

3,000 people on the Brooklyn Bridge for the Way of the Cross all the way to Ground Zero. A firefighter’s words, the unexpected presence of the New York's mayor, the unforeseen message from John Paul II, and a corner of The New York Times.

American Soldiers in Iraq. Wikimedia Commons

Recruiting Soldiers: A Battle of Life

Current EventsDavid Jones

Testimony from Captain David Jones, a US Army officer. The encounter with the Christian experience “saved my vocation as a soldier in a real way.”

Freetown, Sierra Leone. Wikimedia Commons

Ten Days in Freetown

Current EventsFranco Nembrini

From Rimini to Sierra Leone, passing through Calcinate. This is the course taken by a friendship with Fr Berton. First a co-worker came to Italy, then a couple went to the African capital, where amid poverty and brokeness, it is possible to find hope.

Kampala, Uganda. Wikimedia Commons

The Cobra We didn’t See

Current EventsTommaso Mauri, Matteo Severgnini, Maddalena Ciantia

Three Milanese university students in Uganda. On vacation with African students: in front of the same beauty, we discover that we are friends.

Lagos, Nigeria. Wikimedia Commons

A People of Orphans

Current EventsAnnamaria Chiarabini

Three million HIV-positive people in Nigeria. From a research project on AIDS to the encounter with 2,000 university students from Lagos. The testimony of one who is involved in providing basic care.

Patron Saint of Missionaries & the Far East 'St. Francis Xavier' by Miguel Cabrera via Wikimedia Commons

From the Land to Taiwan

Current EventsAndrea and Cecilia Baldelli, Valentina Zampetti

The Rimini Meeting's exhibition on Christianity's beginnings arrives in the Far East. The impressions of some university. Their amazed discovery of a new world.

Chicago, IL. Wikimedia Commons

Three Hundred Times the Beginning

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

The Diakonia of North America brought together 300 people from all parts of the continent, to meet in the Windy City. A mid-January weekend made up of meetings, testimonies, and blues music, all under the most astounding breaking news in history.

Flag Map of Sierra Leone. Wikimedia Commons

Slow Recovery

Current EventsBepi Berton

After 10 years of war, it is hard to start fresh. Foreign capital is needed to get the economy up again, the judiciary system has to win people back, and there is no work. Despite the sufferings they have undergone, there are still those who smile.

Lagos, Nigeria. Wikimedia Commons

The Little Bamboo School

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

The lagoon children, the youth, and the sick of Lagos: love for these people gives rise to works that have an impact on the structure of society and overcome divisions, even religious ones.

Flag of Uganda. Wikimedia Commons

A Chance Outside of Prison

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

Carpenters, stonemasons, and construction workers are what the youths in the COWA courses become, youths who outside of prison risk living alone in the streets. We talked about this with Corrado Corradini, who makes Venetian-style furniture in Kampala.

Father Lorenzo Albacete

God Is Also At the Ritz Hotel

Current EventsMaurizio Maniscalco

Lorenzo Albacete appears on the major networks and his comments are published in The New York Times. He has written a book collecting his reflections on the big issues of our day, provoked by a meeting with journalists in a California hotel.

American Flag. Flickr

America: Dual Role

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

America: the new “promised land” isolated from the world. But also a “light for the nations” in the defense of justice and human rights. The interaction of two opposing tendencies will determine the moves made by American foreign policy in 2002.