Letters - 2022

Bethlehem (Photo: Unsplash/Jorge Fernández Salas)

Supreme affection


The nostalgia for distant relationships and her decision to follow online. From Bethlehem, Caterina recounts her experience of the Audience with Pope Francis. From the November issue of Tracce.

Photo: Unsplash/Piron Guillaume

An indelible point


The Audience on October 15 and a risky operation upon returning to the hospital. A surgeon recounts his new gaze on himself, his patient and colleagues after Rome.

The Kireka slum in Kampala (Photo: Paolo Perego)

Uganda: "Here I can pour out my heart”


Following her mother’s murder when she was just 11, Debora was left alone with her little brother. Today she speaks of an encounter that changed her life, "that day, in the school’s kitchen."

(Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)

"Can there be a greater gift?"


Tommaso left the church at the age of 16. Then his encounter with Fr. Giussani's charism completely overturned his idea "of the Jesus I thought I knew." His emotion and gratitude for the Audience with Pope Francis.

The Shrine of Nobol (Guayaquil) in Ecuador

Asking for an entire people


A pilgrimage to the Nobol Shrine and then the live broadcast watched together via Zoom at 3 a.m. This is how the community in Ecuador experienced the Audience with Pope Francis.

Chicchi and Guly in St. Peter's Square (Photo: Leonora Giovanazzi)

"That 'more' that the Pope asks of us"


Guly and Chicchi got married in 2008. Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with ALS. But in recent years "everything was and is possible through the grace of a people,” like the meeting in St. Peter's Square with Pope Francis.

Pope Francis at the Audience with CL (Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)

The most beautiful gift in my life


Antonio, from Rome, grew up in religious circles, but "I thought I was on a path of my own." Then he met someone who invited him to the Pope's Audience with CL.

Fr. Giussani at a Student Week in 1964

"What happened to me keeps happening again"


Her first encounter with GS happened sixty years ago in Rimini. The surprise of the beginning, her friendship with Fr. Giancarlo Ugolini and Fr. Giussani’s fiery response. Emilia tells her story.

(Photo: Alez Perz/Unspash)

Florida: "A companionship that constitutes me"


Alberto has been visiting a convicted prisoner in Florida for several years. It is a story that dates back to a few years ago and that has changed his life. "The movement is not a ‘container’ where I go and take the things I know how to do…”

Astana (©Ansa/Igor Kovalenko)

Kazakhstan: "But who are you?"


A work trip to Astana and Almaty, meeting the CL community there. And the surprise of Bettina’s colleagues at her way of being and her friendships.

The Meeting via radio in Argentina

Argentina: "Our meeting on the radio"


The six-day Rimini Meeting was also experienced more than 11,000 kilometers away. For one reason: "I want to understand why they are so happy." Here is the story of a young woman from Buenos Aires...

The lighthouse on the island of Texel, The Netherlands (©Unsplash/Marieke Koenders)

"Here and now, on the beach in Texel”


Hikes, bicycle rides, dialogues and meetings. "A continuous crescendo of gratitude." An account of the summer vacation of the Dutch community, where "time was not even wasted at breakfast.”

The hike during the vacation in the mountains of Almaty

An open window to happiness


From different cities in Kazakhstan and Italy to the mountains of Almaty. To spend four days together. And learn to recognize Christ present, "who is mysteriously incarnated before our eyes."

The excursion to Lake Kaunas

"More at home than among our families"


The Lithuanian CL community's three-day vacation. In a time of fatigue for all, an experience of unity, charity and gladness, and the surprise of being "loved and loving before the Presence that brought us together."

Towards the Sanctuary of the Holy House (Photo: Beatrice Picotti)

Living that "stable fullness"


Sara participated in the pilgrimage to Loreto for high school graduates, university undergraduates and graduates. An opportunity to rediscover that "it is not a matter of where I go, what I choose or what job I will do, but Whose I am."

Photo: Unsplash/Victor Malyushev

"My roses are blooming"


Rachelle recounts community life in North Carolina. In 2011 there were seven people, but at their last gathering there were more than 40 people. "What are You doing, Lord, that You have created this community out of practically nothing?"

Photo: Giorgio Grani/Unsplash

The People of God


Participating in the Synodal process, Luca witnesses the presence of Christ that transforms everything: "Who are you, Christ, who can change our heart of stone and transform it into a heart of flesh?"

Allegra in Taiwan

Taiwan: A father, the question, the path


A letter from Allegra, who received Baptism at Easter, faced with the sudden news of the departure of Fr. Donato, who has been a missionary on the island for many years.