Letters - 2023

The Meeting's exhibition on the Trappist monastery of Azer, Syria (Archivio Meeting))

"Our work and the footprint of God"


They curated and explained the exhibition on the Trappist monastery of Azer, at the Rimini Meeting: the account of the preparation and the days lived by the volunteers who acted as "guides".

A hike during the holiday

So that holidays don’t remain a memory


The walks in the Dolomites, a party in the village square, the news of a friend's death. And a question that weaves through the few days spent together: what does it really mean to undertake a journey?

The presentation of "The Religious Sense" in Garching bei München

Germany: When 'yes' is enough


A small community near Munich that takes seriously the challenge of what it means to “be a presence”. The result is the presentation of "The Religious Sense" in the parish, and not only.

The Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher (Photo: Raimond Klavis/Unplash)

Holy Land: Caring for the body of Christ


Seven retirees in Jerusalem to serve the works of the Custody of the Holy Land. Humble works in the holy places, and many encounters with those who live Christianity in that land full of contradictions.

(Photo: Finan Akbar Ohoun/Unsplash)

Angela, "Fisherwoman of men"


She was born in Rome, lived in Milan where she married a Japanese man. And in 1980 she had moved with her family to Hiroshima. She was at the origin of the CL community in Japan. The normal story of a special woman.

A bombed hospital in Vilniansk, Zaporizhzhia region (Photo: Ansa-Zumapress)

Aid to Ukraine and that nostalgia


A doctor in Venice, through friendship with a colleague in Uzhorod, has become involved in several missions to the war-torn country over the past year.

Monsignor Paolo Pezzi with Cardinal Mario Zenari, Apostolic Nuncio to Syria

Syria: Pilgrims in a tormented land


Not since 2011 had such a large group of pilgrims visited Syria. They were a group of 44 Russian Catholic and Orthodox faithful led by Monsignor Paolo Pezzi in the footsteps of St. Paul. An account of those days

Photo: Unsplash/Brandi Alexandra

"These nuns are not afraid"


A Sunday morning with the Missionaries of Charity among the homeless. Gerald's coffee, Cyrian's gaze, the Gospel gifted among the tents... An account of a day of charitable work in San Francesco.

Flooding: a community in motion


"In the face of what is happening, either you stop at appearances, or you go to the bottom of what you consist of, and become aware of who you are." Two testimonies from Forlì and Cesena.

The visit to the Shrine of Our Lady Consolata in Paljurska during the vacation of the Balkan communities in Macedonia

"That common thread that binds us"


From Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Romania... The small communities of the movement from the Balkans gathered in Macedonia at the end of March for a vacation.

The Via Crucis at Auschwitz

At the Golgotha of Auschwitz for peace


A Via Crucis in the symbolic place of the Holocaust to respond to Pope Francis’ appeal for peace. Anna from Krakow, who had not dared to visit the concentration camp for a long time, recounts the event.

The Fraternity Exercises in Rimini (Photo: Roberto Masi/Fraternity of CL)

Fraternity: "Why are we still here?"


The expectancy, attention and emotion upon return. Four testimonies from the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL, preached by Fr. Mauro Giuseppe Lepori.

The Stations of the Cross during the GS Triduum (Photo: Marco Previdi)

The impact of something big


From April 6 to 8, more than 3,500 GS Students participated in the Easter Triduum preached by Fr. Fabio Colombo in Rimini. Here are letters from some of them.

Sergio Mattarella visiting the Saint Kizito Vti school (Photo: Ansa)

Kenya: Joy and the president


During his visit to the African country, the Italian President Matterella also stopped at the Saint Kizito Vti vocational school set up by AVSI and fruit of Fr. Giussani's educational passion.