Letters - 2024

(Photo: Unsplash/Bethany Zwag)

Caterina and that 'yes' to say in every moment


The news of pregnancy, the joy and gratitude. Then, the diagnosis of a disease that would not allow the baby to survive. "I was overwhelmed by pain and anger," says the mother. Until an encounter...

Jone and Carras

"A sweet Companionship"


Jone Echarri's letter to friends of the movement after the death of her husband Carras: “I am serene and confident. I ask you to continue to accompany me."

The Tokyo skyline (Photo: Freemann Zhou/Unplash)

Japan: "No longer luck or misfortune"


Marco has been living away from Italy for eight years. A job with many uncertainties and tight deadlines, which put his health and family balance at risk. Despite feeling 'at home' in his new CL community, something was not right. A testimony from Tokyo