Letters - 2011

Entrance, Meeting Rimini 2011. Photo by Sharon Mollerus via Flickr

A life that becomes happier in a difficult year


Last year, my second year of university, was one of the most difficult years of my life. I became ill, which meant that my life began to revolve around doctor appointments, drug transitions, and awful side effects...

A university library. Via Flickr

The mass, the roommates, and the promise of more to come


Although university is just starting, so much has happened! On my flight to NY I began to feel very afraid and full of doubts. Every day I say “The Prayer For the Heart of the Child” with my friend Monica...

Camping tents in the woods. Via Wikimedia Commons

Two plus two equals...one hundred


As "leaders" of the Knights of St. Clement middle school group, we are always amazed at how little our planning has to do with the miracles that happen during our time together with this lively group of 11–13-year-olds...

The Return of the Prodigal Son (detail) by Rembrandt van Rijn. Via Wikimedia Commons

On a journey guided by an open-armed embrace


The loss of our son in April 2010 devastated us. He died within nine hours of walking into the hospital, of meningococcal sepsis (seven other Colorado college students died in the same period)...

Liverpool, Great Britain. Via Wikimedia Commons

"Our town and our home"


We are two young Italian families who moved to England (to the Liverpool area) because of work. We arrived in a land we didn't know, and we started new jobs, and we found ourselves often clashing with a totally foreign culture...

New York City. CC0

Finding home across the ocean


I study Architecture in Turin and in January I traveled to Troy, a small city three hours north of New York City, to work on my dissertation. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., I contacted my friends Pietro and Marta in New York...