Letters - 2012

Downtown Pittsburgh. Photo by Dllu via Wikimedia Commons

His Gaze of love rests on me


My desire, when my friends and I made the decision to organize the Pittsburgh Encounter, was that I might be able, in some small way, to make a return to the Lord for all the goodness He has shown me...

Scenes from the Life of Joachim: 6. Meeting at the Golden Gate by Giotto. Via Wikimedia Commons

Learning to love one’s vocation


My husband and I got married in December of 2011, and moved to the United States for his philosophy PhD. The first few months, I was getting accustomed to my new situation...

19th International Jazz Festival. Via Wikimedia Commons

“This is where my singing comes from”


I took a lot of people to visit the rock ‘n’ roll exhibit at the Rimini Meeting. One day, I accompanied a jazz singer. She has been working in the jazz music world, replete with recordings and concerts, for many years...

Fr. Joe Keefe.

We are constantly made by another


The meaning of living in companionship, following our hearts’ deepest desires and receiving what is given was revealed to us through our friendship with Fr. Joe Keefe in Rochester...

Lagos, Nigeria. Photo by Robert via Flickr

“Who can bring justice to my people?”


I am very grateful for the work of last year and for the many friends whom God is giving me. On Christmas day, two bombings occurred in two churches in Nigeria that claimed the lives of innocent souls...

Canned food items. Via Flickr

Food Bank collection: Starting an initiative


We organized a Food Bank collection in Paris. The idea came from a CLU [CL university] girl, because of her friendship with a family with whom she worked at the Food Bank in Milan...