Letters - 2020

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"What Christmas is without Sergio?"


The bar closed, with the cash registers empty. The help of the parish and friends, for groceries and bills. And welcoming those who are worse off into their homes. Marco recounts an encounter that changes our gaze.

The Knights camping trip with Fr. Roberto

Christ Is Proposing Something Great to You Right Now


For the middle-schoolers of the Lower Midwest, a camping trip is the beginning of the Knights experience. "Life can be a beautiful adventure because Christ is proposing something great to us now."

Mikel Azurmendi

Me, Azurmendi and "the key question"


A group of high school students from Milan met online with the Spanish anthropologist, protagonist of this year’s Beginning of the Year Day. "Why is the certainty of faith reasonable? What keeps wonder alive? Can an illusion generate so much beauty?"

"My dialogue with God, with the respirator on"


A doctor friend falls ill. A request for prayers, the last goodbye to his family. Donata recounts a phone call she received when he was out of danger: "Resuming a relationship with Him is so much more than just getting better."

When it all starts with a podcast


Hazel lives in Iowa and is part of a Catholic youth group trying to live their faith seriously. But something does not feel right. The leader of the group meets GS and proposes it to her friends. Hazel is not into it at first. But when she gives in...

Samuel’s note


Each morning, Luisella meets an African boy begging on the street. He is kind, affectionate, he thanks you even if you do not give him anything. One day she is in a hurry: "Sorry I cannot stop, I am going to mass." It is the beginning of something new.

Argentina: The poor? "An outstretched hand towards us"


With families in the San Miguel neighborhood. This is how the CL community in Maschwitz wished to experience the Fourth World Day of the Poor. More than a gesture of philanthropy, but a real celebration.

'Christ in the House of Martha and Mary' by Tintoretto

Christ Keeps Happening


In front of 2020's disturbing realities - the pandemic and the elections - Desa discovers that there is need of only one thing. And a new freedom emerges.


Tokyo: Companionship is at the depth of the I


From Switzerland to Japan. Everything around him changes: friends, work, home, language. Then four months of isolation at home. Yet, for Gabriele, it is an opportunity to discover "where the Presence that fills us with life springs from".

A Mystery that reveals itself, even through team building


The offices close for a day and they all go to a nice place for training and team building. Such days are usually unsuccessful, but Emilia tries to organize something new by addressing the themes of the “purpose” and “desire” at work.

Vienna: The "I do not forgive" makes us old


Initial shock, anguish and anger. Then came the desire for the terrorist attack to be illuminated by the Christian experience. And the testimony of a relative of the victims who wrote in a newspaper...


My Inheritance as an American


Jonathan's sadness at the ongoing division in our country is met by a hope that becomes visible in the unity of his friends.

Cambridge, UK (Photo: Unsplash/Jean-Luc Benazet)

"Who are You who light this fire in my heart?"


Despite being overwhelmed by the struggle of a million things to do, Maria describes how the period of lockdown has magnified the desires of her heart. “This is certainly not my ability but the fruit of Christ’s presence here and now.”

Blessed Carlo Acutis

The Mystery exceeds our measures


Discouraged by the impossibility of going to daily Mass, Matteo receives unexpected help from new blessed Carlo Acutis.

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"God’s whisper, during Covid"


A family affected by the virus, isolation and hospitalization. "A loneliness in which I have never been alone". A mother recounts her discoveries in a dramatic period which was "full of beautiful things".

Brother Elio among his children

Elio Croce. The mission of a Christian


He died on November 11. He lived in Uganda for more than forty years among the poor, guerrillas, Ebola, orphans and hospitals. A friend recounts his life, until his definitive "Here I am, totus Tuus."

Candles on the windowsills of the convent in Gualdo Tadino

"We are daughters, we are not alone"


In Gualdo Tadino, in Umbria, a convent is in difficulty as the nuns have been infected by Covid. Peppe talks about the move to help them, and he speaks of hope, which through candles on windowsills, illuminates the whole town.

Photo: Unsplash/SJ Objio

"Have we really been defeated?"


Covid19 and a hospital ward that has changed its function to cope with the emergency. It may seem like a defeat, or "an opportunity not to be missed"...

With Daría and her family

Chile: Charitable work in a year of … grace


Carolina and her friend have been visiting prison inmates every week for years, but have now been prevented by the pandemic. Can Covid halt charitable work? The story of a journey, in which Carolina and her friends discovered "what we really need".

"There is always someone with you"


Maura, a high school teacher, finds herself in self-isolation, just like her students. She talks about two of her students, what they are living, and how “things in life should never be faced alone.”