Letters - 2020 - Page 3

An opportunity for conversion


Marta describes the significance the Rimini Meeting has for her and why she decided to sign up as an ambassador for this year’s special edition, all the way from Scotland.

La square in Minsk

"Without forgiveness, Belarus will have no future”


The country has been in peaceful protest since the elections on August 9. A Catholic priest recounts how he has witnessed "the awakening of a people" which until now has been apathetic to the regime. "We live the dizziness of living the present as it is."

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil: "My bond with the infinite"


The arrival of the life-threatening pandemic. But also the beginning of a journey. With the GS students, with the young mothers, with those who care about society. A novelty that comes from the rediscovery of one's own humanity.

The Brazilian GS students' Instagram stories
Evansville friends gather on vacation

We Shared Life


Despite the masks and social distancing, Stacey experiences an extraordinary vacation.

Perth (Photo: George Bakos/Unsplash)

Perth: The gift of tenderness


Lockdown in Australia. At home with his daughters and grandchildren, an apparently ideal situation. Yet it was not easy: “I was forced to take steps”, until his daughter washed his feet on Holy Thursday.

Towards Aparecida

Latin America: A companionship "on the road"


Only four of them were able to undertake the annual university students' pilgrimage to Aparecida. But with them, connected via video link, were dozens of friends from nine countries. "Following a "yes" that has made the Ideal that has reached us flesh."

 The cross carried by the pilgrims next to the statue of Our Lady
Fra Angelico, "Noli Me Tangere"

His Faithfulness Defines Me


The present situation provokes our desires for peace, rest, hope, meaning. But where are they to be found?

Taipei: Angie and Rosalia are back


They were baptised in the parish of the priests of the Fraternity of St. Charles. Then life took them far away. But, during lockdown, they came across Fr. Emanuele’s videos. And they asked to meet him again. Thus their friendship was ignited again.


Dublin: “Only Christ can fill my life”


The health crisis has paralyzed his language school. An employee asks him, "How can you wake up in the morning not knowing if it is going to end well?" To answer, Mauro remembers the time when he and Margaret slept on a bench…

Crossing the Divide


Sadness, confusion, and fear filled Fr. John's heart after the death of George Floyd. A way forward opened up, unexpectedly, when he crossed to other side of his driveway.

The Trinity by Andrei Rublev. Via Wikimedia Commons

The Gift of Unity


Seeking to understand how to "become a presence," Hannah goes back to charitable work. An answer appears in a look of tenderness.


Venezuela: To live without anesthesia


Rafael describes Venezuela’s rationing of water, poverty and pandemic: "I wanted to turn everything off, hide from the world, in the pain of nothingness.” Yet something within him resists. A desire, a flame.

“An experience of grace”


Hans speaks of his experience of lockdown, the closure of his school, and his unexpected discovery of the movement. The outcome? A book of reflections upon his experience as a headteacher.

A time for me, with you, O Christ


Confinement, the abrupt halt of work, a marriage that begins 24/7, and the inability to feel "useful". But in a homily by Pope Francis, a question that changes the situation: "My daughter, give me your failings.”

Aeneas and Anchises

The walls of home and the horizon of life


From a phone call with a friend, the birth of an online initiative consisting of international cultural meetings: "É-née", Aeneas. In the midst of the pandemic, "an opportunity to break down borders and find distant friends".

When the heart “thaws”


A literary contest that, beyond all expectations, not even the virus could suspend. And the surprise of "a flower" which, after the prize giving, turned expectations upside down...

Born of a "Yes"


Irene's children are out protesting, but at home, respect is an issue. So, what is the basis of our respect for one other?

I do not give up my heart's thirst for happiness


Isolation and the adventure of distance learning. The desire to accompany each other and the inability to help friends. And the inexplicable, but real evidence of a "constant backdrop of joy and certainty".

There is No Recipe


Stuck at home, struggling with work. There is no "figuring it out." But there is a chance to discover what it is to be "new creature."