Letters - 2010

Man on the phone. CC0

“I stumbled across a sign”


A friend called me this morning. I could hear his melancholy over the phone. He is alone. I told my friend that I understood; I myself went through a period in my life of deep sadness until I truly met the Movement...

Downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti, after the January earthquake. Via Wikimedia Commons

A cry that becomes a question in the rubble


I just finished my daily silence and I am about to leave the house to go to Waf Jeremie–the Port-au-Prince shantytown. This morning, there is something different about leaving my house to get in the car and merge into the seemingly hostile traffic...

Cardinal John Henry Newman by Sir John Everett Millais. Via Wikimedia Commons

Waiting four hours in the rain


Because of my husband Giacomo’s doctoral studies, my family and I have been living in England for the past two months, and we will stay here a few more. We immediately signed up to go meet the Pope at the Mass for the beatification of Cardinal Newman...

McGill University, Montreal. Via Flickr

An encounter greater than one’s plans


I moved to Montreal to attend McGill for college after living in small-town suburban Jersey for the majority of my life. Before coming to Montreal, my senior year in NJ was a mix of emotions...

Writing. CC0

Writing an essay, asking for love


A student recently approached me at the University Writing Center where I work because he wanted my suggestions on an essay for an English course. He chose to write about his experience with his mother, who had told him repeatedly that she hates him...

Fr. Luigi Giussani

What sprang from our yes


At the Fraternity Exercises, I was very moved by watching the video of Fr. Giussani speaking at St. Patrick’s in 1981, although I had seen it before. It suddenly struck me what a miracle it is that the Movement exists at all here in the U.S. ...

Ave Maria University. Via Wikimedia Commons

Expressing beauty and truth


Pepe Rodelgo (from Miami) recently organized a CL vacation weekend on the campus of Ave Maria University in Florida, led by Chris Bacich (from NY), and attended by 45 people...

"I am the Good Shepherd" by Alfred Handel. Photo by Toby Hudson via Wikimedia Commons

Here I Have Found my Home


Dear Fr. Carrón, I would like to thank you for your visit to Uganda, because it opened my eyes and my ears to see and to hear the Mystery more and more...

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene by Jan Cossiers. Via Wikimedia Commons

Through circumstances, a knowledge that lasts


Since October 4th, I have been on a medical leave of absence from my position as a high school science teacher, due to unexplained tremors and memory lapses. I won’t pretend these days haven’t been emotional...