"Embracing the Lord in order to embrace hope"

Pope Francis' meditation during the moment of prayer for the epidemic.

"What can conquer our fear?"

Download the April issue of Traces, devoted entirely to illustrate how people are living this period of Coronavirus.
Enrique Irazoqui as Jesus in "The Gospel according to Matthew" by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1964)

Pasolini: "My foot caught in the stirrup”

The image from the Easter poster 2020 is taken from Pasolini’s "The Gospel according to Matthew". The poet’s relationship with Christ was not random. At the age of twenty, an atheist, he wrote: "I look for Him everywhere".

"One who changes the instant”

Coronavirus in Perù, in the cancer wards. And then at home, among family members, thinking about friends and relatives in Spain and Venezuela. Silvia recounts "the path of holiness to which we are all called".

Our life in Perù has also changed because of the measures taken by the government to face the Coronavirus emergency. Measures that seem, simultaneously, so drastic and, yet, insufficient when faced with the severity of what is happening. We all see the pa...


Enrico's discoveries

Work in a hospice in Florida, life at home, away from Italy. And the lockdown, between anxiety caused by the news and the discovery of a certainty without which everything is just "a burden in my heart".

A couple months ago, I moved from Miami to Gainesville, Northern Florida. This morning, The Alligator, one of the local newspapers, reported that, so far, 60 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Alachua County, in which Gainesville is situated. One...


"The yes that saves the world”

He is a doctor who deals with cancer patients, fighting every day to protect them from the virus. And a smile towards the relatives who wait, "not out of politeness, but out of gratitude." Another letter from the "front line".

Everyday, I am here in the ward, fighting to protect my cancer patients from Covid. Every day, some of us get sick and I never know how I will manage the next day. This week’s good news: a young colleague of mine is pregnant (finally, it is not about the ...


"That is why I can love the sea"

The year did not start well for Davide. Illness that shook him and his family. Then, Coronavirus and a foggy future, wrecking schemes and plans. "Yet, I did not drown”.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been learning to live "like a Brazilian": from what a missionary told me, life in the favelas does not fluctuate between stable certainties, like home or work, but everything can change every day. Mothers do not kno...


How can Christ prevail in my life?

Faced with the fact that the virus has redefined every aspect of life, a question arises: how can the presence of Christ prevail so that it is Him who defines every moment?

As the UK enters a period of lockdown, I am struck by how this health crisis is impacting my life and the lives of my friends. I am struck by how this virus, invisible to the naked eye, is gradually redefining every aspect of my life and the lives of thos...

"The Gospel according to Matthew", directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1964)
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Easter 2020: The CL videoposter

The images are taken from "The Gospel according to Matthew" by Pier Paolo Pasolini, the poet whose verses accompany the words pronounced by Fr. Giussani in St. Peter's Square in 1998.