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"Who Is This Man?"

Download the notes from the Beginning of the Year Day.
Encuentro Santiago

Chile: The rock in the middle of protests

A letter from a university student who fled Venezuela. Her distress in front of the protests that wipe across her new country, the smile of a friend who is worse off, the questions that do not leave her alone. And then her decision to volunteer...

Last week, in Chile, there was a climate of great tension. Seeing, once again, people protesting in order to claim, with great force, just things - to lower the price of the metro, pensions, fair wages, health, quality education... - has aroused in me an ...

One of the talks at Meeting Lisbon
Current Events

Meeting Lisbon: "I wish I could hear someone’s human voice"

The cry of Job, indie rock, the President of the Republic... A chronicle of Meeting Lisbon by those who organized it: "We only carry four loaves and two fish".
Stilt houses on the Amazon river (photo: Cesare Simioni)
Current Events

Avsi tents campaign/4: Amazonia, a school to avoid escaping

Rainha dos Apostolos in Manaus teaches indigenous young people how to cultivate their land sustainably. In this way, they do not have to leave the forest and can become small entrepreneurs.

Aix-en-provence: My life is infinite

The Beginning of the Year Day of the CL communities in south-east France. An irrepressible question. And the rediscovery that "a Presence is a face charged with proposal".

On the beginning of the year day for the South of France, whilst we sang "The things that I see" (Bay Ridge Band, 1999), I wondered: if someone who didn’t know us came to live these two days with us, would they not, at some point, ask: “Who on earth are t...


Ed is reborn

From the November Traces: Edmondo's story, a boy who was lost in drugs and alcohol. It's also the story of the love of his father and of a family who welcomed him into their home, where he “felt like a bum, but nothing of what happened there eluded me.”

If at the age of 10, you skip school as soon as you can to get away to the mountains, if at 12 you punch the principal and at 13 you jump out of a window to scare the substitute teacher (who does not know about the scaffolding), it is to be expected that ...


With your heart at work/4: All the names from reality

Rita’s adventure with a young boy with a serious disability. Initially unable to speak, he goes as far as to take the eighth grade exam. "The secret? A way of looking at what happens". It’s not something you learn: you encounter it.