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Lower Midwest Vacation: To Climb the Stairs

At the 2019 Lower Midwest summer vacation in the United States, its participants hiked, sang, prayed, and delved into the theme, "Our hope lies in something unforeseen."

In July, friends from Indiana, Chicago, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan gathered in Brown County State Park in Southern Indiana for our annual summer vacation. The theme, “Our hope lies in something unforeseen,” shaped each of our experi...


The Band's Visit at the New York Vacation

After seeing the new Broadway musical The Band's Visit, some friends in the New York community decided to propose the show's music at their family vacation.

Many of us in the New York community were lucky enough to see an extraordinary musical on Broadway called The Band’s Visit. A couple of us tried to tell our friends in School of Community how much we loved it, and yet we found it very difficult to articu...

"The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog" by Caspar David Friedrich. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Freedom as Obedience

Jake writes about his discovery of a fuller freedom at the Midwest summer vacation.

At this year’s Summer Vacation, I began to discover what true freedom is. I am a husband, a father, and a medical student, and I often felt like I was not free because of the demands and responsibilities that life placed on me. For most of this year, free...


Scala: Life is Here and Now

José writes about his experience participating in the Scala Foundation's summer seminar, "Rediscovering Integral Humanism," with Princeton's Margarita Mooney who last spring presented The Life of Luigi Giussani in New York.

Our journey begins in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. It’s the last week of June. As we step outside, we are greeted by the beautiful green grass. The sun is blazing, and the humidity sticks to our skin. The gentle waves in the sea not far away now ebb and flow...