Notes from Fr. Carrón's School of Community

Work continues on the Beginning of the Year text, 'You only see what you admire', and the fifth chapter of 'The radiance in your eyes'.
Avsi tents

Proximity is not measured with a ruler

The new campaign has been launched. "Ensuring safety does not mean ceasing to be surprised by the need of the other".
A church in flames in Santiago

Chile: Love that makes you breathe

The explosion of violence in the country, with the burning of two churches. "An attack on the living community," said a politician. What allows us to face it? What can transform the world?

The day after the end of Encuentro Santiago 2020, whose theme was "Living Hope in the Present", we have been listening to the serious acts of violence that are happening in our country, including the burning of two churches in Santiago. These events only ...


Where else can I go?

As he participated in the Beginning Day, Adam recalled his first encounter and recognized again the gift of the charism for his life.
The image from Encuentro Santiago's manifesto
Current Events

Chile: The fresh air of Encuentro Santiago

A three days online for Encuentro Santiago, in a country on the eve of an important election, harassed by a deep social crisis, as well as Covid. Yet, "we have something to say".

In Chile, in recent months, problems have seemed endless. From the explosion of the social situation, to Coronavirus with its human and economic consequences, normality seems to have stopped, making way for questions and fears. Initially, it is easy to...

Photo by Michal Ico via Unsplash

A Narrow Path?

Maria's children asked her and her husband to remain in strict isolation until the pandemic is over or there is a vaccine. The unexpected outcome.

When this pandemic is over and life goes back to normal, I think I am going to look back on these months as some of the most valuable of my life. In strictly living the circumstances given to me by the pandemic, I have received great generosity; I have al...

Fr. Alberto Caccaro with teachers and students

Cambodia: The educational pact? It is the human who asks for it

Fr. Caccaro is a PIME missionary. In reading Pope Francis’ message for the Global Compact for Education, he recognized many factors of his own adventure.
Texts for GS

Notes from the GS Beginning of the Year Day

On October 10 2020, the Student Youth (Gioventù Studentesca) Beginning Day took place via video link in Italy and abroad, with Julián Carrón and Francesco Barberis.

"You Only See What You Admire"

Notes from Beginning of the Year Day for adults and university students of Communion and Liberation, which was held in video link on September 26, 2020.