The wonder of the Meeting

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A show at the Meeting

The Meeting. An unexpected beauty

A week that began with expectations, dreams and fears. But that, among friendships, exhibitions and meetings, turned into wonder and amazement for a place that "guards and protects an immense treasure: the desires and passions of each of us".
The Pope blesses the Cross of Mercy, made by the prisoners at Paliano, Frosinone

“No cell can prevent hope from entering”

More than 10,000 people, including policemen, staff and volunteers, were in St. Peter's Square for the Papal Audience with those who work in Italian prisons and to whom Francis addresses three words: "Thank you, go ahead and be brave!”

"Courage, because you are in God’s heart, you are precious in His eyes and, even if you feel lost and unworthy, do not lose heart.” Pope Francis’ words are like a caress upon the faces of the prisoners, even if they cannot hear him as he utters them. Last...

Fr. Aleksandr Men'

Aleksandr Men. A path that leads to the heart of life

In Moscow, an exhibition to commemorate the priest killed on 9 September, 1990. He challenged, through his preaching and books, the general conviction that "the impossible was impossible".
Pope Francis


From a commitment to guard our "common house”, to a declaration to eliminate discrimination. Challenges overcome by focusing on education. The Pope launches a global event for 14 May, 2020.
The city of Chiclayo, in Northern Perù

PERÙ. "I was struck by the intensity of their lives"

Jessy, a university student in Chiclayo, in the north of the country, talks about how she met the university students of CL. Life, friendship, and a commitment to deepen their faith.