The dialogue between Carrón and a group of teachers

Notes from the Assembly of Teachers from Communion and Liberation in Lombardy with Julián Carrón via video conference, November 20, 2020.
January Traces

"Love alone is credible"

Nothing challenges our freedom like a person in whom we see the realization of what we desire. The January issue is out now.
Communion at the "Drive-Thru" in Harrisburg, South Dakota
US, UK and More

Fr. John and the “Drive thru”

A new, suburban parish in a town in South Dakota. The pandemic, the loneliness of the people, and the suspension of Sunday Mass. Fr. John recounts what has been happening, and talks about the line of cars in his driveway.

Here I am in the middle of the US, beginning a new parish with an enormous need that is matched only by an enormous desire for Christ to do what He has always done: renew the face of His people. My community’s desire is also to build a church in which we ...

James Joyce (illustration by Roberto Abbiati)

Joyce's way

James Joyce died on January 13, 1941. On the eightieth anniversary of his death, a small voyage through his life and work. From the January issue of Italian Tracce.
The letter in "Corriere della Sera" on January 10

“The example we must give as teachers”

The letter written by some teachers of CL to "Corriere della Sera" after the delay of face-to-face teaching in Italy. They recount what they are experiencing, their difficulties, but also the possibility of hope for their country.

Dear Editor, The unexpected delay in reopening secondary schools after the Christmas holidays is unsettling teachers and students. Distance education has triggered some problems that already existed: lack of interest, demotivation and even the risk of ...

Photo: Unsplash/Bill Oxford

Francesco’s fifteen minutes

Qualified by decree, he immediately finds himself visiting Covid patients at home. The story of another young doctor in a time of pandemic, and of the "care the Lord has for me".

On March 23, by ministerial decree, Francesco woke up a doctor, without any exam. It was what he wanted, but when the Local Health Authority in Rimini called him to work alongside general practitioners in the home care of Covid patients, he was afraid of ...

Buenos Aires (Photo: Unsplash/Sasha • Stories)
Current Events

Argentina: A new beginning

At the end of December, the law on abortion was approved in Argentina. Here is the leaflet published by the local Communion and Liberation community.

On Wednesday, December 30, 2020, the abortion law was approved in Argentina. We realize that for many women an unwanted pregnancy, sometimes at risk, or the result of violence, can be a terrible drama that is difficult to accept. But suppressing an innoce...

Nur-Sultan, the capital city of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: "When God interrupts you..."

A series of "Christmas meetings," including poetry, education, charity. Online, but with guests from around the world. Here is what has been happening in and around Karaganda in recent months.

One morning in early September, I woke up with thoughts of how rich the past few months had been despite the pandemic, and how intense life with friends in the community had been. My heart was filled with gratitude and awe before all the events of the spr...

County Carlow, Ireland (Photo: Unsplash/ K. Mitch Hodge )
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“Let’s wait and see”

Scars from childhood, suffering, and her life in Ireland. From November Traces, the witness of Maria, who identifies with the “man born blind” of the Gospel. “How can such an awful fact open my heart to something so beautiful?"

"God can do nothing without our willingness.” These words, pronounced by Julian Carrón at the Beginning Day, are the words of Maria as she relates what has happened to her in the last few months. She said that she had never understood the story of the “m...