Fraternity Exercises

What can withstand the test of time?

Download the full test of the 2019 Fraternity Exercises.
Photo by Jean-François Bigras.

CLU Vacation: An Invitation to Wonder

On May 24-30, university students from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico gathered in Colorado for the annual CLU vacation. The focus of the six days was "the impact with the real."

From May 24 to 30, 2019, over one hundred university students from around the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico gathered in Estes Park, Colorado, to partake in a vacation to share their lives. The CLU vacations have been a true gift to me--the ki...

Photo by Danny Shum.

Unity of Life, Not Balance

On May 31, a crowd of about seventy gathered to listen to a panel discussion with Jostein Solheim and Nuno Teles. The theme of the event was life, purpose, and the workplace.

“I can’t believe they’re still asking questions!” commented Jostein Solheim, Executive Vice President for Food and Refreshment at Unilever North America and one of the evening’s speakers. It was near the end of an intense conversation about “life, purpose...


God Can Use Us to Reach Others

Nancy recounts her experience doing charitable work at a juvenile detention center where she became aware of the purpose of placing herself in service of others.

For charitable work, we go to a juvenile detention center north of Los Angeles to visit, pray, and have a Catholic Bible study with the young guys and girls who are “doing their time.” They are free to say yes or no to the Bible study. Four of us from our...


The Exercises in Puerto Rico

"It was eye-opening to understand that it is human nature for everything to come to an end, and how we can live this fact either distracted and without any questions, or we can ask ourselves these questions to actually live a life."

I was quite moved by the Fraternity Exercises this year. Many of the things said by Father José Medina and Stella helped me better understand my personal experiences during the last fourteen months. I sensed certain things but had difficulty naming them o...