Is There Hope? The fascination of the discovery

The third chapter of the book that gathers the contents of the Spiritual Exercises of CL.
Summer 2021

Vacations: The Time of Freedom

“Anticipation of vacation is evidence of the will to live; for just this reason it must not be ‘vacation’ from oneself. Then summer will not be an interruption or a postponement of taking life seriously.” (Luigi Giussani)
Marcel Uwineza

Rwanda: inexplicable freedom

At 14, he lost his parents and siblings in the genocide. Fr. Marcel Uwineza found himself face to face with the man who killed them, who asked to be forgiven. "I stopped being a prisoner.”

He lost his father, mother, two brothers and a sister. All victims of genocide in Rwanda. Marcel Uwineza at that time, in 1994, was 14 years old. And he remembers everything very clearly. They had not been killed by foreigners, but by people from his vill...

(Photo: Iam Os/Unsplash)

Carrón's letter to Cardinal Farrell

The letter sent by Fr. Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, to Card. Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastry for the Laity, Family and Life.

Your Eminence, In response to the letter with which you intended to provide me with an advance copy of the text of the general Decree regarding the exercise of governance within international associations of the faithful, I wish to assure you that the ...

Photo: © Pellegrinaggio Macerata Loreto
Current Events

Macerata-Loreto: "Hope does not disappoint”

The words of Pope Francis during his call to the "virtual" pilgrims on their way to the Holy House. The secret to walking well? "Looking towards the horizon, but not walking alone. Helping each other".

Vecerrica: Hello, Holy Father, this is Fr. Giancarlo Vecerrica. Pope Francis: Hello, how are you, are you well? Vecerrica: Good, I am with many friends, here and scattered all over the world. I am very grateful for this traditional telephone call, ...

Friar Cristoforo, Renzo and Lucia (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The rest of that bread

Love that precedes guilt through the eyes of Manzoni, Milosz, Dante... “When one truly forgives, there is nothing left to forgive.”

We sometimes think that forgiveness is born out of goodness: I forgive you because I am good and therefore when you make a mistake, when you do wrong, I am capable of turning a blind eye and letting it go. It does not work like that, that is not what it i...

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A flower that blossoms among books

An Indian girl asks for help in maths. Her friends also sign up for the classes with her. A volunteer speaks of the surprise of a change that happened before his eyes.

I have been a volunteer at Portofranco (a study help centre) for several years. In mid-March, I was asked to follow a girl from India who was having difficulty in mathematics. We met on Meet: her face was sad, and she needed a grade of at least 4 in order...

Margaret Karram © CSC Audiovisivi

Unconditional love

It is not forgetfulness, nor indifference, but “looking reality in the face”. Even pain for her homeland. A dialogue on forgiveness with Margaret Karram, of Palestinian origin and the new president of the Focolare Movement.

"I believe that our world needs it more than ever. It is the key, for each of our lives and for society, if we want to live today's challenges, all challenges. If we want to solve our problems.” Margaret Karram talks about forgiveness in this dialogue wit...

Current Events

Fr. Giussani, Towards the centenary

2022 will mark the anniversary of the birth of the founder of CL. Here is how you can contribute.