"From Utopia to Presence": A Conversation

The US presidential elections, anti-racial protests, and an increasingly polarized country. What is the contribution of Christians today? A conversation with Stanley Hauerwas and John Zucchi to revisit Fr. Giussani’s "From Utopia to Presence."
September Traces

Back to the future

The September issue of Traces is out now. Read the editorial.
Daryl Davis
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Daryl’s encounters

“How can you hate me if you don’t even know me?” This question has stayed with him throughout his life. From September Traces, the story of Daryl Davis, the African American musician who has befriended members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Daryl Davis’s agile fingers dance rapidly on the keyboard–he is playing the boogie-woogie, which is both cheerful and frenetic. Davis has had an enviable career. In photo albums, he keeps pictures of himself playing with the greats of American music, incl...


The church and the end of life. The bet on humanity

A doctor is provoked by the Samaritanus bonus, the letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. "It is not a list of bioethical norms, but a proposal to freedom".

On Tuesday, September 22, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published the Samaritanus bonus, a letter on the care of persons in the critical and terminal phases of life. As always the Church, when she officially expresses herself on a subject...

(Photo: Josh Huber via Unsplash)

A new lens

When Steph moved to Minnesota with her family, she felt overwhelmed with stress and resentment. While attending the International Assembly with others, her heart began to revive.

This year a small group of about twelve of us gathered in Minnesota in person to participate virtually with others from around the world in the Assembly for International Responsibles (AIR). We gathered very aware that the form of this year’s AIR was diff...


Kids who, without asking, ask for everything

A substitute teacher with children to take to preschool, gets called at the very last minute in the midst of an endless number of anti-Covid rules. What reminds us that reality is good?

Twenty-seven pairs of eyes and zero risk

The desire to start school again. The speech ready for the first day. Then the gruelling discussions about security protocols: "Would it not be safer to stay at home?" But the gazes of the students over their masks...

A few weeks ago, before starting school and exams at university, I tried to think about my return to work. I knew it would be nice, after so many months, to see my colleagues again. But the most important expectation I had was that of the boys, the most b...

Current Events

Pope Francis to the Pharmaceutical Bank

200 volunteers from the foundation that organizes the Pharmaceutical Collection Day were received by Pope Francis. "The sharing of goods can improve our society and bear witness to that love in the neighbourliness that the Gospel requires of us."

"The radiance in your eyes"

Julián Carrón’s latest book is now available online. “An itinerary rooted in an experience and a history, and thus offers a contribution to the search and expectancy of everyone."