The June issue of Traces

"Reawakening Our Humanity"

Reflections from a time that is not "suspended". An adventure to live: the ground upon which a new mentality is flourishing.

I do not give up my heart's thirst for happiness

Isolation and the adventure of distance learning. The inability to help friends. And the inexplicable, but real evidence of a "constant backdrop of joy and certainty."

There is No Recipe

Stuck at home, struggling with work. There is no "figuring it out." But there is a chance to discover what it is to be "new creature."

I am very grateful for the text of School of Community, especially during the circumstances that we are living right now. In fact, it becomes more and more clear to me that Giussani does not intend to offer me a recipe, a simple solution to the difficulti...

Enzo Piccinini with Fr. Luigi Giussani
Current Events

Enzo Piccinini: Nulla Osta received to initiate the cause of beatification

The Archbishop of Modena made the announcement during Mass for the anniversary of Piccinini's death. The communication from the Vatican initiates the first phase of the process of beatification.
 The distribution of medical supplies in Nairobi
Current Events

Kenya: The horizon is beyond the village

Lockdown in Nairobi and a nationwide curfew. The fruits of so many years of work that has set a people back in motion within their territory. The first in a series of contributions about the Coronavirus emergency from the areas in which AVSI operates.

"After South Africa, Kenya is the country with the best health system on the African continent. For a population of 51 million, it only has 150 places in intensive care. When in March we heard what was happening in Italy, we were fearful. What would happe...

Rocco De Gaspari

The privilege of a “time full of His Presence”

Rocco's illness, the impossibility of seeing him apart from upon a screen, novenas... Until a message received from his wife at the beginning of May: "He has gone to heaven." Eva recounts the gift of four years of friendship.

Four years ago, I changed companies and after a few months I found out that Rocco, a friend of a friend from my youth, worked there. We immediately got on, he was a person who was very alive, full of passion: for music, motorbikes, materials... The opposi...

 Pilgrims in the Marche countryside

Macerata-Loreto: The desire for the impossible

This year, there will be no hundred thousand people along the 28 kilometers that separate Macerata and Loreto. However, the 42nd Pilgrimage will take place on the evening of June 13. How and why?