Is There Hope?

A preview of the first two chapters of the book, about to be published, which gathers the contents of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (April 16-18, 2021).
May issue of Traces

"The audacity of the family"

"Family is the theatre of the spiritual drama, the place where things happen, especially the things that matter" (G.K. Chesterton). Read the editorial of the new issue.
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Fraternity Exercises: "Invited to change mindset"

A year of pandemic, hospitalization for Covid, treatment at home, the closeness of so many friends... And the opportunity to follow the three-day Fraternity event online. Luca speaks of his gratitude for what is happening.

I consider my relationship with Covid a battle that has borne fruit. From a health point of view, I was hospitalized from April 9 to 23. Since then, I have been continuing treatment at home. I have realized that more than a year of pandemic has taught the...

Liverpool College (Photo: Colin Lane)
Current Events

The Netherlands: "Like a disciple of Peter"

The presentation of the Dutch translation of Carrón's book on education. In dialogue with the author were the Rector of Erasmus University Rotterdam and a headteacher from Liverpool.
The image of Charles de Foucauld at his Beatification in 2005 (Photo: Alessia Giuliani/CPP/CIRIC)

Charles De Foucauld: The “Universal brother”

The date of the canonization of seven new saints has been announced, including the French religious man indicated by the Pope as an example to follow in his last Encyclical.
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A headteacher on 'Education as Self-Communication'

A contribution to the dialogue on Carrón’s book Education. Communicating One’s Self. “Schools believe that we can teach children to be happy, fulfilled, by literally teaching them about the virtues they need to pursue."
Ignacio Carbajosa
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Spain: Learning from the crisis to discover what unites us

On May 4, the region of Madrid will be called to the polls. This time, polarization and dialectical violence do not have the last word (from Pá