“The origin of our hope"

The message sent by Pope Francis to the Movement on the occasion of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity and the telegram for the Holy Father at the end of the gesture, in which 40,000 people from 94 countries all over the world participated.
Fr. Luigi Giussani

A presence ensures us: we are not made for death

Corriere della Sera has published an extract from the introduction of Giussani's recently published book: Attraverso la compagnia dei credenti [Through the companionship of believers].
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Fraternity 2021: Where you would never have gone

"A lifetime would not have been enough to understand, indeed even to only vaguely imagine, that it is possible to live like that." A testimony on the Spiritual Exercises entitled: "Is There Hope?"

"Silence filled with His presence"

This year, the traditional Good Friday gestures in London and Edinburgh could not go ahead in their usual format due to Covid restrictions. Then came the proposal to put together a video with meditations led by our bishop friends.
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The generation of affection for Christ

Notes from Fr. Julián Carrón’s meditations during the 2021 Easter Triduum for university students in Communion and Liberation, by video conference. A preview of the May issue of Traces.
Way of the Cross, Dublin

Dublin: living asking Christ to reveal himself

Churches in Ireland are still closed due to the pandemic. Organizing the Good Friday gesture was a bit of an odyssey, but also an opportunity for new encounters and to enjoy the wonder of the latest arrival to our community.

For almost twenty years, in Dublin, we have been organizing the Good Friday Way of the Cross in Phoenix Park, the city's main park. In recent years, it was led by the Archbishop and offered to the whole city, becoming the most significant public gesture o...

Graham Greene (Photo: © AFP/AFP via Getty Images)

The dangerous edge of things

Graham Greene died thirty years ago, on April 3 1991. From the April issue of Italian Tracce, a journey through the works of one of the most renowned British and Catholic authors of the twentieth century.

Telling a story is never a painless enterprise. The author must begin from their frailty; they must remove the armor of everyday life. The readers, for their part, recreate the story in their thought, in their rational and emotional feeling. This is true ...

(Photo: Rajesh Kavasseri/Unsplash)

Life happens now

When Covid hit, Matt found himself working under one roof with his six kids and his pregnant wife, desperately seeking "projects" that provided an escape. Then, an invitation came.

Last March, our four children were sent home to complete the school year via distance learning. At the same time, my work sent me home to telework for an unknown amount of time, which resulted in the creation of my new office, consisting of a corner in ou...