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Our Lady of Czestochowa
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Czestochowa 2019: Fr. Carrón's Message

In light of the upcoming pilgrimage to Czestochowa (August 3-14) we publish the words of Fr. Julián Carrón for the occasion.

Why do we go on pilgrimage to Czestochowa? Only someone who is aware of the nature of this gesture can have the adequate reasons to adhere to it. It is already significant that this pilgrimage has lasted so long–we don’t take this for granted– which me...

CC0 via Pixabay.
Current Events

Pope Prays for Vincent Lambert

After the passing of Vincent Lambert, His Holiness Pope Francis expressed his grief over Lambert's death and entrusted him to the hands of God. Read the full article on Vatican News.

A Call to Educate

A group of people from all over the United States has been meeting regularly via conference call to discuss education in light of their experiences. Read the full story.
Courtesy of Mirko Farina.

A Need Broken Open

Gabe recounts his experience meeting the movement and starting a GS group.