"Embracing the Lord in order to embrace hope"

Pope Francis' meditation during the moment of prayer for the epidemic.
Easter 2020

Easter 2020: The CL videoposter

"That Risen Man is the Reality on which all the positivity of every man’s existence depends."
Luca Salvi, head of Orthopedics in the at the Alzano Lombardo Hospital

"One last look of tenderness towards those who die alone”

Luca Salvi works at the Alzano Lombardo Hospital (Bergamo), one of the hotbeds of the epidemic. Where everything has changed. From the conception of work to relationships amongst colleagues.

"More at risk, but happier”

She has a rare disease that leads to severe immunodepression. The indications are clear: stay locked indoors. But precautions are not enough to overcome fear. And yet...

Our first month of isolation has just finished, all five of us in the house. I am 33 years old, I have been living with a rare condition for almost 14 years, which leads me to be severely immunodepressed. To complicate it further, one aspect of my patholo...


"I surrendered to gratitude"

Gabriele, from Bergamo, managed to accompany his mother to the cemetery. Almost clandestinely. He thinks about her, about what she left him. But also about our elderly, and why we take care of them. They are our true richness.

Yesterday, we took my mom to the cemetery. Almost clandestinely. Me and my whole family were there. Now that she is there, where she wished to go for many years, I do not want to lose what I have learnt in these extreme days. To be honest, as often happen...


"What gives my heart peace”

A young doctor with his questions and fears. Amazement that tears you away from distraction. The desire to be silent. And the need to be "seized" every time...

I have been a doctor for about a year and I have been doing work experience in a hospital. In the last few days, faced with what is happening, this question emerged in me: "Lord, what are you asking of me?" This situation has put me back in front of Hi...


"If Christ were not here, I would run away”

She's a nurse in Milan. Within a few hours, young and inexperienced, she found herself working with intensive care patients. Fear and complaint dominate. Then, after her first shift, something changes...

"A gesture that tells me, again, who I am”

A call, at this time of emergency, to the value of the Common Fund. An opportunity to re-ask ourselves what it is. And how it helps us to live faith.

Dearest Fr. Julián, I have just read your letter on the occasion of your re-election as president of the Fraternity. I am writing to you, first and foremost, to thank you for the tenderness with which you called us back to the Common Fund. Nothing more...

Current Events

Carrón's message after re-election

On Saturday, March 21, the Central Diaconia of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation re-elected Carrón as President for a new term. Here is his letter.