Dicastery for the Laity. Fr. Carrón's letter to the Fraternity

The president of CL updates members and friends of the movement on the steps taken, and those that will follow, to respond to the Decree addressed to the associations and movements of the faithful.

Kharkov responds to Madrid

Notes from the assembly of CL communities in Eurasia with Fr. Carrón, a “long-distance dialogue” catalyzed by the challenge posed by Rosa Montero in El País.
Current Events

Meeting 2021: exhibitions

The challenge of secularization, TV series, Tolkien, Pasolini, Rose's women... A peak at the exhibitions at this year’s Rimini Meeting, which can be visited both online and in person, by booking through the Rimini Meeting App.

More than 40 years of exhibitions and every year at least one captivates our heart; a phrase, an image, or a guide’s comment, ignites a lasting interest. This year, again, the pavilions of the Rimini expo will not be as crowded; but we will still be able ...

Photo: Unsplash/Javier Allegue Barros

Madrid: an important step in life

College ended in the middle of the pandemic. Then came illness, many uncertainties, and the desire to be able to relive the fascination of the encounter. Ana speaks of why she decided to join the Fraternity.

Joining the Fraternity of CL was something stable in the midst of a sea of questions and uncertainties. The beginning of the pandemic surprised me whilst I was in Erasmus in Paris. I had to return to Madrid and all my plans changed completely overnight. A...

Boston (Photo: Daniela De Gol/Unsplash)

God's caress in these moments

Faced with her husband's leukemia, Valentina finds herself on her knees, drawn into a dialogue in which everything is illuminated.

Last week we celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary here in Boston where we have been living for a few years now. During mass, Fr. Luis spoke these words, which I felt were very true: “You are faithful to one another, but in the first place it is God...

Summer Traces

"The courage to live the present"

"From the time you wake up in the morning, you have to have some explanation for your being here, for your life, for your existence–today, here and now." (Julián Carrón)
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Is There Hope? The fascination of the discovery

The third chapter of the book that gathers the contents of the Spiritual Exercises of CL.
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Fr. Giussani, Towards the centenary

2022 will mark the anniversary of the birth of the founder of CL. Here is how you can contribute.
Summer vacation

The Time of Freedom

“Anticipation of vacation is evidence of the will to live; for just this reason it must not be ‘vacation’ from oneself. Then summer will not be an interruption or a postponement of taking life seriously.” (Fr. Giussani)