Meeting 2020: The program launch

This year's Special Edition will be "blended": partially live and partially online. Everything will be visible online, from all over the world. President Scholz and Director Forlani have revealed this year's topics and guests.
Summer 2020

Vacations: The Time of Freedom

In the face of the current circumstances, Fr. Giussani's words are even more relevant, an aid to "enjoy" the next few weeks.

“A festival of humanity”

In a presentation of the English translation of "Reawakening Our Humanity", the book's provocations were placed at the centre of a dialogue to better understand what questions have emerged in this period, and how they can be sustained.
The Trinity by Andrei Rublev. Via Wikimedia Commons

The Gift of Unity

Seeking to understand how to "become a presence," Hannah goes back to charitable work. An answer appears in a look of tenderness.

What is the Christian in the world? “One who brings to the world that for which the world is waiting and which it does not know: Christ...The duty that emerges for the Christian, for the presence of the Christian in the world, is to bring about communion....


Venezuela: To live without anesthesia

Rafael describes Venezuela’s rationing of water, poverty and pandemic: "I wanted to turn everything off, hide from the world, in the pain of nothingness.” Yet something within him resists. A desire, a flame.

The most painful form of loss is when you know it is forever. When you realize what has happened, what is no longer there, you feel great remorse, you get so angry at a world that seems to go on as if nothing has happened, while you feel that everything i...

GS students in Brazil on Zoom
Current Events

Brazil: If our heart is not in quarantine

A cultural evening promoted by a group of GS students via Zoom. An evening not of entertainment, but of provocation and for the “bombardment of desire".

Our experience with the GS group during this pandemic began in the face of the impact with a strange and apparent (apparent!) "limit". Coronavirus, as pointed out by Fr. Carrón, has shattered our plans and called us " to respond abruptly". The first gestu...


Portugal: Nothingness and the whale

"Affection for the story that has seized us." During the lockdown, Constança and some friends from university set up a series of online meetings to discuss readings, films, music. This is what happened.

Constança, Chicca and Eleonor are three Portuguese friends of the CLU. When the pandemic forced the country into a long lockdown, "Julián Carrón's letter began to keep us company. Provoked by these difficult times and the lack of getting together, we prop...

Mustafà Boulaalam and Fr. Carmelo Vicari

Italy: A tête-à-tête between the priest and the imam

A meeting between Fr. Carmelo, a priest in Palermo, Sicily, and Mustafà Boulaalam, Imam of a mosque in the city. To look together at what has happened in their communities during the pandemic.
Current Events

“How can this abyss of life be filled?"

The second chapter of Julián Carrón's book, "The Brilliance in your eyes - What saves us from nothingness?"