The Holy Week booklet

Texts and prayers that Fr. Giussani always proposed to help us live Easter. Download the PDF.

"What can conquer our fear?"

Download the April issue of Traces, devoted entirely to illustrate how people are living this period of Coronavirus.

“What am I here to do in the world?”

Notes from a meeting of Fr. Julián Carrón and Francesco Barberis with GS students preparing for graduation. Milan, February 12, 2020

Francesco Barberis. Good evening, everyone: students in their last two years of high school together with their teachers, gathered here in Milan and connected by video to over 80 cities in Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and the Czech Republic. We are here b...

Saint Óscar Romero

Romero: love for Christ cannot be separated from love for one's brothers

40 years have passed since the martyrdom of Saint Óscar Romero. His favourite psalm: "In the shelter of the Most High (...) You will not fear the terror of the night. My God, in whom I trust".

Waiting for good news

After the eight o'clock applause of gratitude from the balconies, a group of friends begin to sing from their balcony. Neighbours begin to send them messages and gifts... In the midst of the drama, the announcement of an unyielding hope.

We are seven friends, young workers, living in a flat in Madrid, in Ferraz street. About ten days ago, we decided to sing two songs from our balcony after the eight o'clock applause for the health workers. We were surprised by what happened on the first d...


"Every day he says to me, "Do not be afraid""

Seven hundred employees at home because of the Covid emergency. Life changes. And yet, amid the worry, "the opportunity to live the real intensely” reappears every morning.

As Carrón reminded us in his letter to the Fraternity “on such occasions–which the Mystery does not spare us–we can grasp even more clearly what a grace the charism that has taken hold of us is, verifying its capacity to help us face all that happens. “Th...


"The eyes of God upon my people"

Forty-five coffins instead of pews in a parish in Bergamo. The story of a journalist called to recount the drama of his people: "You are not alone, you are not abandoned...".

I work as a journalist for a television station in Bergamo, and we are now at the center of the “Coronavirus tornado”. Bombarded by countless figures, initiatives, angry or desperate emails, fear and colleagues who complain about things that are wrong, it...


"What am I missing by staying home?"

Restrictive measures in Uganda too. The university is shut and exams “avoided”, now internet and relaxation. "An almost perfect situation in some ways, except not being able to go out," Marvin thought, "until my heart started crying out..."

When the university shut, I was supposed to take some exams that weekend, so I celebrated as if my football team had won a cup. I was happy, I would have avoided exams for at least a month: a beautiful thing, I thought, in the middle of the crisis. I h...

Enrique Irazoqui as Jesus in "The Gospel according to Matthew" by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1964)

Pasolini: "My foot caught in the stirrup”

The image from the Easter poster 2020 is taken from Pasolini’s "The Gospel according to Matthew". The poet’s relationship with Christ was not random. At the age of twenty, an atheist, he wrote: "I look for Him everywhere".

"One who changes the instant”

Coronavirus in Perù, in the cancer wards. And then at home, among family members, thinking about friends and relatives in Spain and Venezuela. Silvia recounts "the path of holiness to which we are all called".

Our life in Perù has also changed because of the measures taken by the government to face the Coronavirus emergency. Measures that seem, simultaneously, so drastic and, yet, insufficient when faced with the severity of what is happening. We all see the pa...

"The Gospel according to Matthew", directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1964)
Current Events

Easter 2020: The CL videoposter

The images are taken from "The Gospel according to Matthew" by Pier Paolo Pasolini, the poet whose verses accompany the words pronounced by Fr. Giussani in St. Peter's Square in 1998.