Christmas 2020. The videoposter

This year, Fr. Giussani's words are accompanied by Jean-François Millet's "Winter Evening".
School of Community

Notes from Fr. Carrón's School of Community

Work continues on the Beginning of the Year Day and on "The radiance in your eyes."
Current Events

ENCUENTROMADRID: The adventure of trust

The Spanish event was held online from November 19-22. “We have been able to verify that trust is possible and reasonable because reality is not absurd, but reveals a meaning."

My Inheritance as an American

Jonathan's sadness at the ongoing division in our country is met by a hope that becomes visible in the unity of his friends.

What has struck me about these times and the election is that there is no place that you can be unaffected by the divide in this country. I live on a court, which is a group of houses on a private street in Brooklyn. On my right I have neighbors who are m...

Elisa Fuksas (Photo: Marco Cella)

Elisa Fuksas: "I want to see"

She was raised in a context that was distant from the church. In November Traces, author Elisa Fuksas describes the path that led her to baptism. And, above all, what began after that step: “Simply living.”

She sits at a little table in a café in the heart of Rome and takes off her mask. It matches her black pants and jacket. Her eyes are smiling, but her first comment is about the pandemic. “Man, this Covid. Aren't you afraid?” Young and beautiful with a ...

Pope Francis

The measure of development is humanity

Pope Francis' video message to "The Economy of Francesco", an event that saw young economists from 115 countries around the world meet online.
Current Events

A fruitful coexistence for Lebanon

A project for the 2020 Campaign in a country affected by Covid and a deep socioeconomic crisis. In the refugee camps, work is being done to allow people to restart.
Cambridge, UK (Photo: Unsplash/Jean-Luc Benazet)

"Who are You who light this fire in my heart?"

Despite struggling with a million things to do, Maria describes how the period of lockdown has magnified the desires of her heart. “This is certainly not my ability but the fruit of Christ’s presence here and now.”