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Jean Vanier (left) and Luigi Giussani in 1998.

Jean Vanier: He Converted Hearts, One by One

We publish the obituary text signed by Fr. Julián Carrón on behalf of Communion and Liberation on the occasion of the passing of Jean Vanier alongside a video interview by Vanier for the 2015 New York Encounter.

Fr. Julián Carrón and all of Communion and Liberation gather in condolences with the L’Arche community on the occasion of the heavenly birth of JEAN VANIER We all remember him smiling, sitting beside his dear friend Fr. Giussani in Saint Peter’s Squ...


Christ and His Church

Starting from an excerpt from "Morality: Memory and Desire," Matteo reflects on his relationship with his clients and what allows him to truly engage with them.

I was struck by the following excerpt from Morality: Memory & Desire. "Christ and the Church are the deep inspiration that even touches the structure of my actions, of everything I do. And so, the encounter is an "event" that stretches to influence...


Friends in Tijuana

"I thought I would go to Tijuana to help the poor by cooking dinner. Instead, I was invited to become poor, through an openness of heart and poverty of spirit that was so attractive."

We spent a day in Tijuana, the small town across the San Diego, California, border into Mexico. We went there to prepare dinner for about two-hundred men, a few with young sons, who have been either deported from California to Mexico or unsuccessfully att...

The aftermath of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. Photo by Climate Centre, CC BY-NC 2.0, via Flickr.
From the Press

AVSI Struggles to Reunite Families in Mozambique

Read the article published by CRUX on AVSI's efforts to reunite families following the cyclone in Mozambique.

"With high winds and torrential rain, Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in Mozambique’s northern region April 25, leaving at least 40 people dead out of the more than 240,000 affected. Five weeks earlier, hundreds more died and tens of thousands had their ...