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Fr. Julián Carrón's letter to the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation
The Brazilian border crossing at Pacaraima (Photo: Francesco Pistilli for AVSI Foundation in Brazil)
Current Events

Brazil: A door that welcomes

Everyday, 500 of them come on foot, by bike, by bus. These are the Venezuelans who, on the run, arrive at the Pacaraima border. As Camus would say: "They are placed halfway between misery and the sun."

Pacaraima, the Brazilian border city, in the state of Roraima, has become a door of hope for the 500 Venezuelans who enter Brazil everyday, fleeing their country. Many arrive exhausted, on foot or by bicycle. Others arrive by bus, carrying few things, pe...


USA: Follow Through

John recounts how the proposal of studying the Risk of Education via ZOOM helped him to understand slowly that he wants "to be willing to allow obedience to Christ to overcome the fickleness of my feelings."

South Dakota is far away from most people in the country, and our people live a great distance from each other. We refer to Minnesota and are often encouraged to travel to participate in gestures of CL. It is a sacrifice that requires an affection for oth...

Andrea, Giulia, and friends

Christmas in Texas: He is Here

"We have lived the truer part of Christmas: Christ made flesh here and now, God with us through the flesh of our friends.”

To my family, and especially to me, it seemed like Christmas never arrived this year.   Giulia and our four kids all came down with a bad flu on December 22. On Christmas night, I finished preparing all the gifts under the tree and I was eager to wake ...

Marco Martinelli at a rehearsal for The Sky Over Kibera (Photo: AVSI/Andrea Signori)

Marco Martinelli: “I am telling your story”

He brought to the stage the youth of the Kibera slum for an unforgettable performance of the Divine Comedy. One of the most interesting Italian directors talks about his life and Dante, a love that kept him from losing himself.

UK: "Glimpses of liberation and freedom from above"

Jill recounts the richness of her encounter with Communion and Liberation. The precious realisation that Christ is a reality that she can encounter is "very real but also very beyond me".

Dear Julian, Writing to you feels quite new and unfamiliar. But so too has my experience of the Movement been – quite unexpected and not what I had planned. For many years, I feel I have been a bit like a sponge. I take in experiences, people’s sto...


"On a journey with Francis"

A journey with the pope is an experience that opens a window onto his person and onto the world, and in this issue of Traces we invite you to share the view from that window. Read the January issue of Traces.