Out now: "The radiance in your eyes"

Julián Carrón’s latest book, The radiance in your eyes – What saves us from nothingness?, is now available online. “An itinerary rooted in an experience and a history, and thus offers a contribution to the search and expectancy of everyone.”
Summer 2020

Vacations: The Time of Freedom

In the face of the current circumstances, Fr. Giussani's words are even more relevant, an aid to "enjoy" the next few weeks.
Beirut's port after the explosion
Current Events

Beirut: "Lebanon is not dead"

The roar, the race to find friends and colleagues, between the rubble and destruction. And fear that returns like a ghost from the past. Rony is Lebanese and works for Avsi, which just launched a fundraiser. His account of Tuesday's tragedy.

It is like poison in your blood, that at the first chance comes back to hurt you. "You have already experienced it. The roar, the trembling of the palace, the column of smoke... So, at sixty years old, your fear returns, your pain for your tortured land."...

Current Events

Meeting 2020: A tour of the exhibitions and performances

They have always been amongst the pillars of the Rimini Meeting. This year there will be no lack of performances and exhibitions, taking place both online and physically. In reduced form, yes, but certainly not in content.

This year’s special edition will also be special for the exhibitions that at the Meeting have always been an immediate and appreciated way to develop the theme of that year. There will only be four: two completely virtual and two that can also be visited ...

Tampa, Florida (Photo: Maristela Silva/Unsplash)

Florida: Where is certainty in a time of uncertainty?

Coronavirus also hit the south east of the US a few months ago. Lockdown and the appeal to stay at home, waiting and fearful. Yet "in that friendship, Christ surprised me once again..."

My "quarantine" started very peacefully. We had just moved (me and the other two Memores Domini with whom I live) to a new house and we were just in time to invite some friends for an inaugural dinner. It was the evening before the beginning of the "shelt...

Fr. Claudio Lurati (Photo: Semanario Diocesano de Como)

Fr. Claudio Lurati: “God still calls me to Egypt”

The Holy See has just announced the appointment of the Comboni missionary as Apostolic Vicar of Alexandria, who returns to the place where he lived for twelve years.
The 2019 pilgrimage to Czestochowa
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Carrón: "Life presses on"

"The fact we cannot make the pilgrimage to Czestochowa has not erased the irreducible need that inspires it." Summer proposal for high school and college graduates.