Growing and helping others grow during a pandemic

A CL public meeting on "Education: self-communicating one’s self". January 30, live on YouTube, a dialogue with Julián Carrón on the questions provoked by the situation of education, which concerns us all.

A presence who is engaged with what he or she says

Notes from the Assembly of Teachers from CL with Fr. Carrón via video conference, November 20, 2020
From the left, Fr. Giussani, Fr. Francesco Ricci and Fr. Pigi Bernareggi. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1974 (© Fraternity of CL)
Current Events

Pigi Bernareggi: Fr. Carrón's message

"He always followed the subtle method of God. Look how much fruit his willingness to follow that method produced!" Fr. Carrón's words for the death of the Italian missionary.

“The new self is born in Christ’s gesture of choosing, which places him within the human companionship generated by His Spirit, i.e., into the Church. This election, this choice, always takes on a concrete historical form” (L. Giussani–S. Alberto–J. Prade...

Fr. Pigi Bernareggi

The death of Fr. Pigi Bernareggi

Pigi Bernareggi was among the first students to follow Giussani at the Berchet high school and to leave on mission. He died yesterday, January 22, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Here one of his last interventions, a letter to his friend Rosetta.
Mireille Yoga at the Edimar Center in Yaoundé, Cameroon

"The same things I live for”

An initiative for the AVSI Tents Campaign that due to the pandemic had to be thought out in a new format. Yet it surprised everyone, from the organizers and the three hundred people connected to listen to our friend Mireille from Cameroon.
The church of Saint Francis Xavier in Taishan (Taiwan)

The beating heart of Xiao Ping

From January Traces, the story about the woman from Taipei mentioned at the Beginning Day. She dedicated her life to work and had no religion until she became ill. The encounter that changed her life continues to transform that of others.
© Mary Sarah Ivers
Current Events

A New World Within the World

A special edition of the New York Encounter will take place February 12-14 with the theme "When reality hits". In anticipation of the new digital Encounter, an interview with Riro Maniscalco, chairman of New York Encounter.

So, the Encounter—it is happening! I have one simple message: It is actually happening! It is going to be extremely virtual, but it is happening, and, God-willing, it will be different and great! It has been challenging putting together this Encounter. W...


"What is my contribution to the world?"

Covid-19, work in two UK universities, and the discovery of the “English variant”. Alessandro, a researcher, talks about what has happened during the recent months of the pandemic, and that “gusto for life”.

January Traces: "Love alone is credible"

Nothing challenges our freedom like a person in whom we see the realization of what we desire. The January issue is out now.