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"Who Is This Man?"

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Fiorenza Matteoni

Oman: The best thing

“You grasp the meaning of the things that happen to you as they happen.” From the October Traces, the witness of Fiorenza, who has been working in Muscat for three years. The many questions and signs of answers she discovers each day.

Fiorenza Matteoni is a 36-year-old architect from Riccione, Italy. How she ended up working in Muscat, the capital of Oman, the peaceful sultanate at the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, is an incredible story. Even more incredible is the strugg...


El Salvador: Everything was born from an initial ‘yes’

On the plane, leaving his country, Carlos was crying and trembling with fear. Thirteen years later, he discovers what God has done with his fragile yes.

Traces Day: The beauty of proposing “what we hold dearest”

Turin, an exhibition with phrases drawn from issues of Traces. It’s an opportunity to experience what it means to be an “outgoing Church”.
Fr. Mauro Lepori (photo: Filmati Milanesi)

Democracy? It was born from charity

The Charta Caritatis, which regulated relations between Cistercian abbeys, celebrates its 900th anniversary. It has much to offer to those who reflect on the crisis of democratic institutions.

Amazonia/4: The treasure of a wise man

Venezuela, on the slopes of Mount Roraima, Theodore and his Catholic people hadn’t seen a priest for a long time. The story of a casual encounter and the beginning of a friendship.

Parai-Tepui is a village located in south-western Venezuela. Teodoro lives there, where he works as a farmer and guide on Mount Roraima, considered to be the oldest mountain on earth, and protected in the Canaima National Park. This region, also called Gr...

The protests in Ecuador
Current Events

Ecuador: An inexhaustible force that pushes us to always start over again

Protests, violence, a state of emergency and now attempts to reach an agreement. The CL community in Ecuador has published a flyer on the Ecuadorian protests.
The day of collection of the Pharmaceutical Bank in Argentina

Argentina: "The questions of those who donate are ours as well”

The day of collection of medicines in pharmacies in Buenos Aires. The gratitude of Silvana, the discovery of Sonia and the freedom of Maria Rosa...An account of a “special” Saturday.

We are a "human" group, with all its implications. Some of us are very good friends, others are “only” companions in this adventure. Yet, we are all united by Another, He who makes the activity of the Pharmaceutical Bank and the Annual Day of Medicine Col...