The Adventure of Dialogue

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From left, Liv Martin (USA), Justo Lopez (Mexico), and Jose Guillermo (Panama) waiting for Pope Francis at the WYD Volunteers' Meeting.

Volunteering at World Youth Day Panama: A Privilege to Beg

"Volunteering, choosing to submit my freedom for the design and service of another, fundamentally, educates me to the nature of my original position — that of a beggar."

“The culture of encounter is a call inviting us to dare to keep alive a shared dream . . . A dream named Jesus, sown by the Father in the confidence that it would grow and live in every heart. A dream running through our veins, thrilling our hearts and ma...


Life, Work, and Friendship

Maristella recounts how a question shared among friends became the spark that gave birth to the New York Encounter's Professional Corner.

How many times have we been encouraged to find a balance between life and work? As a mother of two kids at the beginning of an academic career, I have heard it plenty. And I get it. But somehow something is lacking in the way it has been suggested to me. ...

Fr. Luigi Giussani
Current Events

Anniversary Masses

Thirteen years from the death of Fr. Giussani and thirty-five from the recognition of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, Masses will be celebrated worldwide with the following intention.