Pope Francis' message for Lent

"Jesus' Pasch is not a past event; rather, through the power of the Holy Spirit it is ever present, enabling us to see and touch with faith the flesh of Christ in those who suffer."
Fr. Luigi Giussani
Fr. Giussani

Anniversary masses

The intention for masses celebrated throughout the world is: "Christ, total horizon of our lives".
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Clonline: Latest updates

We have made some small changes to our website in order to ease navigation. This is what they are.

The Communion and Liberation website, following the suggestions of its readers, has implemented a few graphic changes and improvements in order to ease navigation. They are small changes, but hopefully useful ones. 1. You will immediately notice an ar...

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UK: Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem

To celebrate Newman's canonization the UK community organized a pilgrimage to the Birmingham Oratory, home to Newman for forty years. An opportunity to get to know better the first English, modern Saint.
© Mary Sarah Ivers
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The People of the New York Encounter

In a broken, divided America, such as we see in the world of politics, there are people who, with their actions, show a different way of living.

There is an image that expresses manifestly and dramatically the change of epoch through which Western society is passing. At the State of the Union Address, just a few days ago, President Donald Trump refused to shake hands with Democratic Speaker of the...

Cardinal Pietro Parolin in Santa Maria Maggiore (Photo: Vito Sidoti)

Parolin: "Giussani, Peter and the effectiveness of Christ's pedagogy"

The homily of the Vatican Cardinal Secretary of State, on 22 February, the anniversary of the death of Fr. Giussani. "There was a human affinity between the Apostle Peter and Fr. Giussani."
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NY Encounter: "What can free us from ideology?"

Watch the video of the conversation between Fr. Julián Carrón, Ami Dar, Aaron Riches and Fr. José Medina.

A conversation on the Encounter’s theme in light of Where is God?: Christian Faith in the Time of Great Uncertainty (McGill-Queen’s University Press) by Fr. Julián Carrón with Fr. Julián Carrón, president of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, Ami...