"Christmas. Another world within this world." December Traces

From the Holy Land to Belarus, Nigeria and the US... What happens to those who wait and live the certainty of Christmas in a time of crisis.
Christmas 2020

The Christmas videoposter

This year, Fr. Giussani's words are accompanied by Jean-François Millet's "Winter Evening".
'Christ in the House of Martha and Mary' by Tintoretto

Christ Keeps Happening

In front of 2020's disturbing realities - the pandemic and the elections - Desa discovers that there is need of only one thing. And a new freedom emerges.

Reflecting on my experience over the past months, between the pandemic and the elections season, I realized a few important things. First, we have been deprived of the possibility to express our life as we were used to, and yet Christ keeps happening. I m...


Argentina: The poor? "An outstretched hand towards us"

With families in the San Miguel neighborhood. This is how the CL community in Maschwitz wished to experience the Fourth World Day of the Poor. More than a gesture of philanthropy, but a real celebration.

A few days before the World Day of the Poor to which Pope Francis invited us, along with friends of CL in Maschwitz, we began to ask ourselves how we could live this invitation. During this year, after having tried for a long time to organize together a s...


Tokyo: Companionship is at the depth of the I

From Switzerland to Japan. Everything around him changes. Then four months of isolation. Yet, for Gabriele, it is an opportunity to discover "where the Presence that fills us with life springs from".

A Mystery that reveals itself, even through team building

The offices close for a day and they all go to a nice place for training and team building. Emilia tries to organize something new by addressing the themes of the “purpose” and “desire” at work.

Current Events

AVSI tents: During the pandemic, with the most vulnerable families

Another project from the 2020 Campaign. In Italy, AVSI is supporting the work of organizations that already operate in various regions to help five thousand families.

Vienna: The "I do not forgive" makes us old

Initial shock, anguish and anger. Then came the desire for the terrorist attack to be illuminated by the Christian experience. And the testimony of a relative of the victims who wrote in a newspaper...

After the terrorist attack in Vienna, we felt the need to share our feelings and questions. We wanted to get to the bottom of things together and understand how our Christian experience - particularly the path we have followed in recent months - can shed ...