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Fr. Julián Carrón's letter to the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation

“Without Him we cannot do anything”

A letter from the retreat with Fr. Carrón in the UK, which recounts the experience of a family that is discovering what really corresponds to their desire.

Dear Julián, Last year was a tough one. My husband and I were completely immersed in our new jobs and after a while we realized that we were losing ourselves. We were just surviving, to the point that we had serious difficulties in our relationship. W...


Paraguay: when the heart overlooks the ocean

The CL young workers’ holiday in the mountains, which are reflected in the Atlantic. A beauty before their eyes that ignites a certain nostalgia and, at the same time, a fullness.

My return from the young workers’ holiday left me with an even deeper wound than I had before. Lately, I have been very worried about my future and vocation. This is the first year since I finished university and, therefore, is the most uncertain so far. ...

Current Events

Poland: That "disarming beauty” that attracts

The presentation of the Polish edition of Julián Carrón's book in Wrocław. In the hall of the University of Economics, filmmaker Krzysztof Zanussi, Bishop Andrzej Siemieniewski and Professor Bogusław Fiedor spoke in dialogue.

Wrocław, January 9, The University of Economics and Business. Marek Biernacki welcomed the audience to the presentation of the Polish edition of Julián Carrón's Disarming Beauty. Biernacki recalled the historic conference on the encyclical Fides et Ratio,...

John Williams with Fr. Luca Speziale (Photo: Luca Fiore)
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“What I have been looking for all my life”

John, now 85 years old, became a Catholic at 22. After meeting the movement of Communion and Liberation 13 months ago, he says, “I have received a whole new understanding of what it is to be a Christian.”

“As Fr. Giussani expressed, the last year has seemed liked the opening of a golden age for me. I have received a whole new understanding of what it is to be a Christian.” John Williams, 85 years old, became a Catholic at the age of 22 and, 13 months ago, ...

Silvia in Parintins

Brazil: friendship along the river

A few days of vacation are an opportunity for Silvia to go to the Amazon to visit some friends who had ignited curiosity in her. This is what she brought home from Parintins.

I am just finishing my holidays and this morning – it was a flash – I remembered what Fr. Giussani said about the use of free time, as a sign of what we hold dearest in life. So I realized, without planning anything, that my holidays had made my desire an...