“The life of Father Luigi Giussani has left an indelible mark on history. Thousands of women and men, young and old, in Italy and in the world have been marked, in one way or another, by the encounter with his person; marked to the point that their lives have been irreversibly changed by this encounter. (…) On the occasion of the centenary of his birth, this exhibition was inspired by the desire to tell everyone–at least those who are interested–who this man was and why his person was, and still is, so dear to the hearts of so many people. A journey accompanied by images and voices: from the testimonies of those who were reached by his proposal of life, as in the case of personalities of the Church and society, who in one way or another 'found' him on their own path, to the direct impact with his gaze and his voice, with his unique way of speaking of Christ, a response to the deepest expectations of the human heart”

Davide Prosperi

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Luca BaldinucciItaly

Il mio cuore è pieno di gratitudine per quello che ho visto e sentito. La mostra è uno dei modi con cui, d'ora in poi, si può incontrare don Giussani. Non adora le ceneri ma propone un metodo che coincide con una vita. Una vita che, come mostra l'ultima sala, si può incontrare e a cui si può partecipare. Grazie.

Emma RossiItaly

Grazie. Sono entrata nel movimento tardi, ora è come se anche io avessi conosciuto il don Gius

Enza EliotropioItaly

La mostra è superlativa nella progettualità. Don Giussani ha riportato il Vangelo vivo nella nostra storia, nella nostra quotidianità con un trasporto carico e vibrante della Presenza. Grazie