100 Luigi Giussani
“Christ is the life of my life”

October 15, 2022 marks the Centenary of the birth of the Servant of God Fr. Luigi Giussani. This year offers the opportunity to deepen and learn more about his story and the newness it continues to bring today to the lives of many and to the service of the Church.

Here you can find the main events and initiatives, including interviews, stories, videos: people or facts that speak of him and of the people generated by his experience. For information and proposals contact Centenary


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Current Events“Let this holy prophetic and missionary restlessness burn in your hearts"The booklet of the Holy Father Pope Francis' Audience with Communion and Liberation on the occasion of the centenary of Fr. Luigi Giussani's birth (October 15, 2022, St. Peter's Square).

" [...] We are gathered to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Msgr Luigi Giussani. And we do so with gratitude in our hearts, as we have heard from Rose and Hassina. I express my personal gratitude for the good it did for me, as a priest, to contem...

Pope Francis during the Audience on October 15, 2022 (Photo: Roberto Masi/Fraternity of CL)
Current EventsOur pathThe letter from Davide Prosperi, president of the Fraternity of CL, to the entire movement after the Audience with Pope Francis.

1982, Pontifical Recognition of the Fraternity: “What has happened (…) is certainly the greatest grace in the entire history of the movement” (Fr. Giussani) 2002, 20th anniversary of pontifical recognition of the Fraternity: “The letter which the Ho...

At the audience with Communion and Liberation (Photo: Roberto Masi/Fraternity of CL)
LettersThe journey to Rome from around the world continues…Further testimonies from those who travelled from across the world to participate in the audience in St. Peter’s Square with Pope Francis on October 15.

BRAZIL Travelling to Italy from São Paulo just to attend a meeting and returning the next day was not my idea of how to spend my few days of vacation and how to spend my money. But when Fr. Aurelio enthusiastically spoke to us of the beauty of gathering ...

Bethlehem (Photo: Unsplash/Jorge Fernández Salas)
LettersSupreme affectionThe nostalgia for distant relationships and her decision to follow online. From Bethlehem, Caterina recounts her experience of the Audience with Pope Francis. From the November issue of Tracce.

The first thing that prompted me to watch the Audience live was a very human desire: to be part, in my own way, of what was happening to all the people dearest to me. They were all there. For what reason? Because of a story of gratitude. For nothing else ...


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Paolo Palamara
US, UK and MoreCanada: "My illogical choices”Paul had money, friends, fabulous vacations, but an emptiness in life that tormented him. In one of his darkest moments, he was reminded of one of his school teachers, and his adventure began… From the October issue of Tracce.

I am an entrepreneur in Toronto, where I have lived for many years. My work has led me to be analytical, pragmatic, to measure risk, to move strategically, being careful not to hurt myself. Yet, despite this way of being that has shaped me over the years,...

Aaron Richies, born in 1974, teaches at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.
US, UK and MoreUnited States: Discovering lifeA theologian who met Fr. Giussani’s thought and then met a young boy, both of them shaking his faith and life. Leading to a proposal of a university course on Giussani. From the October issue of Traces.

When Fr. Carrón announced the centenary of the birth of Fr. Giussani, he proposed that we take a personal interest in the gesture for a single and essential reason: “To witness what Fr. Giussani has generated in us.” I was provoked to consider what differ...

Federica Irene Falomi in Cappadocia
WorldTurkey: A new desire Seven years ago, she made an encounter that changed her life. Then she had to move to a distant country. A testimony from Istanbul.

Translated from the October issue of 'Tracce'. I have been living in Istanbul for two years, where I moved for work. I am 33 years old and am a UN official. Throughout the whole of Turkey, there are only two of us of CL: me and Paul, who lives on the c...

Ramziya with her husband Dima (left) and some alumni
WorldKazakhstan: an increasingly better friendRamziya was born into a Muslim family and encountered the movement 25 years ago through two teachers. Today, the beginning is happening again for her in the eyes of her pupils. From the October issue of Tracce.

I was born and live in Kazakhstan, which for years was part of the Soviet Union. The majority of the people in our beautiful country are Muslim. And it is composed of more than one hundred and thirty ethnicities. I am of Tatar origin, coming from a Muslim...


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A series of testimonies from speakers across the world organised by the community of Communion and Liberation in Ireland on who Fr. Giussani was and how his charism is still relevant today.

The meeting in Rio de Janeiro
WorldBrazil: "Everything is more mine. And everything has been given to me"Rio de Janeiro remembers Fr. Giussani with the testimonies of Rosetta Brambilla, one of the first CL people in Latin America, and Julia, a young woman who recently got to know the movement

Panels from an exhibition on the life of Luigi Giussani were on display at the entrance of the Vera Janacopulos auditorium of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro to welcome participants, about 70, at the meeting dedicated to the centenary of Giussani...

The concert in Munich (Photo: Roland Altmann)
CultureMunich: Fr. Giussani, Music and beautyA concert organized by the International Music Friendship to celebrate Fr. Giussani’s centenary. Here is how it came about and what happened in the words of those who played in it...

The IMF, International Musical Friendship, is a story of wonder that began 30 years ago and that always mysteriously renews itself. This time it happened in Munich, on the occasion of a concert dedicated to the Centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth on Monday,...

AnniversaryMasses in Italy and around the world

Celebrations for the centennial of Fr. Giussani's birth and the fortieth anniversary of the pontifical recognition of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

In 2012, the Archbishop of Milan accepted the petition to open the cause for the beatification and canonization of Fr. Giussani. Here is the text of the private intercession, cemetery hours and other information.