“The life of Father Luigi Giussani has left an indelible mark on history. Thousands of women and men, young and old, in Italy and in the world have been marked, in one way or another, by the encounter with his person; marked to the point that their lives have been irreversibly changed by this encounter. (…) On the occasion of the centenary of his birth, this exhibition was inspired by the desire to tell everyone–at least those who are interested–who this man was and why his person was, and still is, so dear to the hearts of so many people. A journey accompanied by images and voices: from the testimonies of those who were reached by his proposal of life, as in the case of personalities of the Church and society, who in one way or another 'found' him on their own path, to the direct impact with his gaze and his voice, with his unique way of speaking of Christ, a response to the deepest expectations of the human heart”

Davide Prosperi

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16/8/2022 - Update.
The exhibition can now also be enjoyed by smartphones and tablets, through the iOS and Android Apps.

7/26/2022 - Update.
The exhibition has been implemented with the new "automatic visit" feature. By choosing the option at the beginning of the tour, you will be guided through the content with the possibility of interrupting the viewing and moving on to the next section, or going directly to the next room.

7/8/2022 - Update
As of today, the PC App version and the English language version of the exhibition are available.

With the release of the PC App version, it will be possible to use the "Download exhibition contents" function, which will allow access to the exhibition in a offline mode and facilitate navigation in the case of a weak or unstable network connection. More information is available at mostra.luigigiussani.org.
To download the App for PC (Windows and MAC), you need to connect to the web page mostra.luigigiussani.org and click on the corresponding icons. To proceed with the installation:

1. Launch the setup icon
2. Click on "More Information"
3. Press the "Run anyway" button
4. Confirm the installation

1. Launch the file "
2. Follow the indicated installation procedure

The first download of the App occupies a space of 1.5Gb and takes about 4 minutes. The second tome you access the exhibition, the process is not repeated, unless you decide to change the language.
Please note that in order to view the videos in the space dedicated to social, cultural and entrepreneurial works, situated at the end of the exhibition, you must have an active internet connection.


Emanuela GiglioniItaly

Ringrazio tutti coloro che hanno lavorato e dato il loro contributo per realizzare questa meravigliosa mostra. Un'esperienza emozionante rivedere e riascoltare don Luigi Giussani.

Lucia LombardiItaly


Pia D.Italy

Grazie! Mostra bellissima.