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Saint Riccardo Pampuri

Saint Pampuri. The Greatest Miracle is that we are loved

WorldAlberto Savorana

September 7, 2019, the Assago-Trivolzio pilgrimage. This year, the jubilee of the 30th anniversary of Saint Pampuri’s cannonisation, let us remember Fr. Giussani’s devotion towards the saint. An extract from Savorana's biography of Giussani:

The Assago-Trivolzio pilgrimage

What Never Ends?

WorldAnna Leonardi

This question pervades the lives of Cecilia, Giada, and Kevin, members of GS, filling their school days, time at home, and friendships. They talk about their encounter with the Movement and a life that challenges wounds, time, and departures.

Uganda: When time is a friend

WorldPaolo Perego

A journey begins again after nineteen years in Africa. Provoked by the Exercises, Stefano and Manolita reconsider their story. (From the June issue of "Traces")

David Macek

Everything Begins with an Encounter

WorldPaolo Perego

After the fall of the Berlin Wall he was moved by a desire to be engaged in politics as a Christian. Today David Macek has left politics behind for a new way of building society with efforts ranging from the Brno Meeting to the Drfg Foundation.

Prague. © Anastasia Dulgier/Unsplash
Carrón (L) and Farouq. Photo by J. Luis Rodríguez Torrego

The Seeds of a Presence

WorldWael Farouq

The Arabic translation of Julián Carrón’s Disarming Beauty was presented on December 26 at Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. But what made it possible for the proposal of the book to reach the heart of the Islamic world?

The audience before the event. Photo by J. Luis Rodríguez Torrego.