World - 2011

Nairobi, Kenya. CC0 Creative Commons

With the Same Eyes

WorldPaolo Sanna

In Nairobi, over one hundred people–from the African countries where the movement of CL is present–met with Julián Carrón to renew together the road of that life-changing, winning attraction.

Two Meeting Point women break rocks in the query.

Now We Want Everything

WorldPaolo Perego

We had met them at the Rimini Meeting in Italy last year, and have come to know the women of Kireka and the pain in their stories and the look that brought them to Baptism. This time, we went to see them at home, in the heart of Africa...

New York City. CC0 Public Domain

No Room For Indifference

WorldPeter Stockland

Thousands of people crowded the Manhattan Center for 4 days of concerts, exhibitions, and discussions on subjects ranging from euthanasia to the economy. At the heart of the Big Apple, we found a beauty that is an invitation to "come and see."

Cairo, Egypt. Wikimedia Commons

A Life You Can Touch

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

From Egypt to the Persian Gulf, we met some Christians living in the Middle East, where the recent bomb attack revealed many wounds, but also a communion that is alive, like that which grew out of the Cairo Meeting.

Rose Busingye

Africa: We Want for Nothing

WorldPietro Alfieri

Vivian, who has come to understand the beauty of her marriage. Fr. Stefano, after 30 years of self-abnegation, is learning for the first time to go to the heart of his humanity. The sister of Henos, who has now found what she was searching for.