World - 2000

Flood Damage in Venezuela. Wikimedia Commons

Under a Sea of Mud

WorldRiccardo Piol

It has not stopped raining since December 15th. An estimated 50,000 people have died and 600,000 left homeless, but the numbers are destined to rise. AVSI's Maria Teresa Gatti, responsible for emergency aid to the flooded country, reports

San Juan, Puerto Rico

On the Enchanted Isle

WorldAlfonso Moser

The Puerto Rican community takes its first steps. School of Community, work, and meetings. A life full of initiative and creativity, whose starting point is the desire that everyone can know the Christian experience.

Moscow, Russia. Wikimedia Commons

A Study Tour to Moscow

WorldGiovanna Parravicini

Here is the story of the movement's birth in Russia, a place "...with hunger for Christ, with pain for the humiliated humanity all around us."

Jakarta, Indonesia. Creative Commons CC0

Five Days in Jakarta

WorldEmanuele Boffi, Luca Frigerio, Luc De Simoni

The travel journal of a small group of Milanese university students who went to the Asian archipelago to meet others their own age in order to better understand the situation after the dramatic events in East Timor.