World - 2024

A moment of the commemoration (Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)

Czech Republic: From memory, a task

WorldAlberto Perrucchini

Born around the Reconciliation March between Czechs and Germans, in a town symbolic of wounds and divisions, the Brno Meeting put hope and the desire to walk together at the center of the 2024 edition.

Encuentro Santiago 2024

Encuentro Santiago's “open reason”

WorldMacarena Maldonado

The two-day cultural event in Chile's capital returns after two years. Among debates, meetings and performances, a challenge: how does the Christian experience respond to the questions of the human of our time?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta's Missionary Sisters of Charity as they assist a sick person in a field hospital (Ansa-Sfor)

Sister Frederick: The revolution of piety

WorldMarina Ricci

A journalist remembers the recently deceased sister of the Missionaries of Charity who, 28 years ago in Calcutta, introduced her to Govindo, a very sick child whom the journalist later adopted.

Enzo Piccinini with Fr. Giussani (Photo: © Fraternità di CL)

"I took you as Mine"

WorldPier Paolo Bellini

On the 25th anniversary of Enzo Piccinini's death, one of the editors of a new book on his life introduces us to the heart of Enzo's life: friendship with Christ as the path towards the pinnacle of humanity. From May Tracce.

Enzo on a hike to Mount Cusna, in the Apennines of Reggio Emilia (Photo by Enzo Piccinini Foundation)

Argentina: "My encounter with Enzo Piccinini”

WorldCarlos Aníbal Bonino

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Italian surgeon's death, the testimony of those who, even after his death and thousands of kilometres away from Italy, encountered him and whose lives changed.

Jesus Carrascosa (Fraternità CL)

An 84-year-old boy

WorldEttore Pezzuto

The testimony of a friend of Jesús Carrascosa, who died on January 9, at the most recent Assembly of Latin American Leaders. From the May issue of Huellas.

Waiting for a show during the Colonia Urbana in Puente Alto

Santiago: Defending the indefensible

WorldLorenzo Locatelli

To discover that Christ wants us to be happy, two weeks of adventures for 250 children and 80 animators: a priest from the Fraternity of St. Charles gives an account of the Puente Alto Colonia Urbana.

Jenny with two friends at the assembly of CL responsibles in Latin America

Venezuela: Charitable work in class

WorldMaria Acqua Simi

In a country torn apart by poverty and violence, even the school system is collapsing. So Jenny and friends in El Tocuyo are doing charitable work by supporting children's education. "Building peace also comes through sharing needs."

Cristiano Ferrario, an oncologist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, with a patient

The care for life: "I don't detach"

WorldAnna Leonardi

Cristiano Ferrario is an oncologist in Montréal, in Canada, where the law allows euthanasia. In the midst of diagnoses and treatments, the discovery of “a trust that sets people free even in illness.” His story in the April issue of Traces.

Andrea Aziani with María Luisa

Andrea's truth

WorldMaría Luisa Vásquez Castañeda

A portrait of the Servant of God Andrea Aziani, the Memor Domini missionary in Peru who died in 2008, by a former student and friend from Lima.

A disabled person on the beach at Punta Marina Terme (Ravenna)

The wooden cross by the sea

WorldGiovanni Bucchi

A bathing establishment for the severely disabled on the Ravenna coastline. Born from the story of Dario and Debora and many friends, also from ALS and his death.

Pancho and Alexander

Ecuador: "We are made for great things"

WorldMaria Acqua Simi

One of the most complex countries in Latin America besieged by drugs, violence and an economic crisis. But where hope never stops nourishing the hearts of many. The stories of Isabel Maria, Pancho and Alexander.

Anna, Giacomo and little Marco

"The promise that God has kept"

WorldMaria Acqua Simi

Anna and Giacomo got married in 2010 but children did not come. Today they tell their story, a difficult path that led them to adoption. From the March issue of Tracce.

A concert by the Magnificat School Orchestra

Holy Land: To the tune of the Magnificat

WorldMaria Acqua Simi

An internationally renowned music school in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. A unique experience of welcoming, of dialogue, which speaks of a possible peace. Its director, Fr. Alberto Joan Pari, speaks.