World - 2006

Buenos Aires. Wikimedia Commons

The Obra of Father Pantaleo

WorldAlessandro Banfi

A testament to the fruit of the work founded by Fr. Mario Pantaleo–the church of the “Walking Christ,” the medical clinic, the university dormitory, the center for the elderly, and the La Traccia Educational Center–and to the collaboration with AVSI.

Church in Carate Brianza, Italy. Wikimedia Commons

The Paradox of In-presa

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

The In-presa Association, founded by Emilia Vergani in 1997, today hosts 150 young people, offering them help in their studies and training as electricians, computer maintenance technicians, and assistant cooks, to enable them to enter the work world.

Beirut, Lebanon.

Christians in the Middle East

WorldAnna Leonardi

Two months after the August 14th cease-fire, we offer the testimonies of three Christians who live in Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine, and an overview of AVSI’s renewed commitment in Lebanon through five programs

Aerial Photo of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wikimedia Commons

...It's Happening Now

WorldPaolo Perego and Paola Ronconi

There are continual surprises in the experience of Cleuza and her husband, Marcos, founders of the Movement of Landless Workers, who have discovered in their encounter with CL the reason for their passion for man in his totality.

Naples, Italy. Creative Commons CC0

Finding the Way on Via Materdei

WorldCristina Terzaghi

Amid the side streets of Naples, the first Fraternity group was born in 1999. Over the years it has met and involved others in the simplicity of a friendship