World - 2022

Ramziya with her husband Dima (left) and some alumni

Kazakhstan: an increasingly better friend

WorldRamziya Saleyeva

Ramziya was born into a Muslim family and encountered the movement 25 years ago through two teachers. Today, the beginning is happening again for her in the eyes of her pupils. From the October issue of Tracce.

Federica Irene Falomi in Cappadocia

Turkey: A new desire

WorldFederica Irene Falomi

Seven years ago, she made an encounter that changed her life. Then she had to move to a distant country. A testimony from Istanbul.

Tomoko Sadahiro "Sako"

Japan: Like lava from a volcano

WorldPaola Ronconi

From her passion for music to meeting Fr. Giussani and choosing to join Memores Domini. Sako from Hiroshima recounts her story.

Gulu, Uganda

"You exist to make things beautiful"


A few weeks in Uganda working on an AVSI project with orphaned children in Gulu. Agnese, a high school student, share her experience at the Equipe of teachers at GS high-school students.

Aset with his friends from Kazakhstan

The Pope in Kazakhstan: the story of Aset

WorldAntonella Palermo

Aset is a butcher from Almaty of Muslim origin, who met CL a few years ago... He too was among those waiting for Pope Francis in Nur-Sultan. Here is his testimony...

Fr. Giussani with Wakako Saito (Photo: Fraternità CL/Francesco Gargioni)

The boundless embrace of the Mystery

WorldWakako Saito

Fr. Giussani's bond with the Buddhist monks of Mount Koya. Saito Wakako recounts how she was born and raised: Fr. Ricci, the Cascinazza, the Rimini Meeting. And the tragedy of the tsunami. A friendship that is the sign of authentic religiosity.

Kerrie with her children

"Grateful, even for my weakness"


From Ireland to Korea to rediscover the faith she had abandoned over the years. Kerrie recounts her story and her dramas, and about that "door" that opened in her encounter with Fr. Giussani and the movement.

(Photo: Unsplash/Bastien Jaillot)

The Mystery of Giovanna


The story of the fostering of a little girl with a serious illness, and the dialogue with a friend full of questions. A testimony from the last Families for Hospitality assembly in June and the response of Giorgio Vittadini who led the meeting.

Danny and Leila Abdallah during their speech in the Aula Nervi (Photo: World Meeting of Families 2022

Forgiveness as the way of holiness

WorldDanny and Leila Abdallah

In 2020 Danny and Leila, a Lebanese couple living in Australia, lost three children who were hit by a drunk driver. Here is their testimony during the World Meeting of Families.

Irpin, near Kiev, May 3, 2022 (Photo: Emilio Morenatti/Ap/Lapresse)

Laly’s victory

WorldLuca Fiore

She is a mother from Kharkiv. For two months, as a refugee in Lviv, she lived in fear of the bombings. Then she arrived in Italy, where she participated in the Fraternity’s Spiritual Exercises. From the June issue of Traces.

Kazakh security forces in front of Almaty City Hall in early January (©Ansa/

Kazakhstan: Where does war end?

WorldDavid Perillo

In some cities across the country, the year began with street protests, explosions and casualties. Now the conflict in Ukraine has also come close. From the May issue of Tracce, Lyubov, head of a Center for the Disabled in Karaganda, speaks of her hope.

Arjan Dodaj, Archbishop of Tirana-Durrës

Arjan Dodaj: "My return to Albania"

WorldAlberto Perrucchini

He was sixteen years old when he boarded a motorboat in 1993 to get to Italy. He wanted to learn about the world he had seen on TV, and then discovered his faith and vocation. Now the Pope has called him to lead the diocese of Tirana-Durrës.

The helpers at the border between Ukraine and Slovakia

Ukraine: in the folds of history

WorldGuglielmo Mina*

On the Slovakian border, a university student recounts his questions and his meeting with two young volunteers, and their profound perception of the value of life. "So that the world does not lose its human face". From the April issue of Tracce.

The reception of Ukrainian refugees in Poland (©Gabriel Piętka)

Poland: “Our lives belong to each other”

WorldAnna Leonardi

They arrive at all hours, day and night, and someone is there waiting for them. What do those who welcome people fleeing war see? From the April issue of Traces, voices of the Polish CL community, immersed in the river of refugees.

Almaty (Unsplash/Esten Erbol)

Kazakhstan: The God "within" Aruzhamal

WorldLucia Beltrami

Another story from a country hit, at the beginning of the year, by riots with deaths and injuries due to the economic crisis: that of a Muslim woman with a passion for cooking, who, because of her encounter with Lucia, decided to open a bakery…

Irpin, March 5, 2022. Residents of the Ukrainian town under the collapsed bridge waiting to be evacuated (©Emilio Morenatti/AP/La Presse)

Ukraine: Staying human

WorldLuca Fiore

From the April issue of Traces, a conversation with Elena Mazzola and the young members of the NGO called Emmaus based in Kharkiv. "Through this pain, I want to learn to love as He does, to bear all this pain as He does."

Almaty (Unsplash/Alexander Serzhantov).

Kazakhstan: “What saves me and everything”

WorldSilvia Galbiati*

The new year in Almaty and other cities in the country began with protests over rising prices that resulted in the declaration of a state of emergency. More than two hundred people died and thousands injured. How can one face of all this?

Ukrainian refugees at Przemyśl station (Photo: © Hesther Ng/ZUMA Press/ANSA)

Przemyśl: "Our journey has just begun"

WorldDavide Perillo

Friendship with a Ukrainian girl took them to the Polish border where refugees continuously arrive. The story of an unpredictable journey. "The human carries something inside that not even war can take away.”

Liara Lima

Brazil: "I had been waiting for him forever"

WorldDavide Perillo

Liara, social worker in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon, recounts her encounter with Fr. Giussani in 2010, watching a DVD that some friends had lent her. And that soon became "a path."

Fr. Alberto Caccaro with Sagn in 2008

Cambodia: With Giussani on the Mekong

WorldAnna Leonardi

A missionary in Cambodia for over twenty years, Fr. Alberto Caccaro describes the revolution that began within him as he traveled from village to village and recounts why he decided to translate The Risk of Education into Khmer.