World - 2001

Central Downtown Astana, Kazakhstan. Flickr

Computers on the Steppes

WorldStefania Ragusa

Signs of economic recovery and human renewal. From an unexpected friendship, a contagious ideal that, one person after another, is changing a small part of a social and civic reality. GS Kazakhstan: an example and a possibility for all.

Father Bepi Berton

Fada... A De Oh!

WorldBepi Berton

Fr Berton has written us from Sierra Leone. The horrors of the war, his kids and their need to start over again and to be welcomed.

Slum of Lagos, Nigeria. Wikimedia Commonss

Faithful to the End

WorldPaola Ronconi

After the death of his parents, he was alone with four younger siblings to raise. His encounter with the friends in the Movement who helped him continue his studies. A full life until January 27th.