World - 2014

Nurse with Patient. Wikimedia Commons

Invited Home


Enrico Grugnetti, the nurse who made a lasting impression at this year’s MedConference in New York, reveals the adventure that begins each time he knocks on a patient’s door,

'Holy Family with the Lamb' by Raphael via Wikimedia Commons

Where are You?

WorldDavide Perillo

Valentina is a gynecologist who used to do research in England, and now finds herself working in family counseling centers. She has to reckon with many problems: the pill, artificial insemination, sex. Here is what she is discovering.

Austrailian Landscape. Wikimedia Commons

Is this Spectacle Enough for You?

WorldPaola Bergamini

Small, often very young CL communities scattered around Australia and New Zealand – in Ashburton, Perth, Melbourne, and Sidney–tell us about their unexpected visit by Fr. Julián Carrón. A journey of pure friendship, with no official program...

Border Wall, Brownsville, Texas. Via Wikimedia Commons

Crossing Borders: A Moral and Legal Challenge

WorldRicardo Ramirez

"'Welcoming the stranger' means welcoming all children of God, regardless of their ethnicity, national origin, race or religion." A look at the hardship of the immigration crisis and the struggles on both sides of the border.

Boys at a camp for displaced Syrians. Via Flickr

The Story Continues

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

A normal life, at least for a few hours. This is what Abdel wants, when he asks his mother if he can go to school like the other children in the refugee camp.

Favela Jaqueline, São Paulo, Brasil. Photo by Dornicke via Wikimedia Commons

There I Discovered Something About Myself

WorldJohn Waters

"The word 'outskirts' summoned us to a responsibility that resides beyond calls to compassion." John Waters tackles how poverty should be approached as he prepares to curate the 2014 Rimini Meeting exhibit, "Generating Beauty."

Havana, Cuba. Via Paxabay

For The First Time in Cuba

WorldHoracio Morel

Characterizing the current Cuban life are the struggles, the history, and yet a certainty that still lies within the chaos of it all.

The Bangui City. Photo by Afrika Force via Wikimedia Commons

Alain's Peace

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

"We are still alive. And then He gives us a great gift: we can live and suffer with them." A look into the capital in Bangui, where the convent of Discalced Carmelites has been turned into a refugee camp.

Saint Peter's Basilica. Via Pixabay

Just a Life

WorldDavide Perillo

"Among the many shared traits of the two 'Holy Popes' (and the other two present in the square) is the ability to speak to everyone and to meet with anyone who seeks the truth." An in-depth look at the "day of the four popes."

A human fetus at ten weeks gestation. Via Wikimedia Commons

Every Day I Think of That Day

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

"I know of doctors who decide to become conscientious objectors even after years of performing abortions, because you can do them for a long time, but you never get used to it.”

The Kiss by Edvard Munch

The Flowering of a Marriage

WorldLuca Fiore

"The more I tried to hold on to him, the more he wanted to leave. When I stopped holding on, he was unable to leave.” Today, Ylaine tells her story with great freedom.....