World - 2003

Bolzana, Italy. Wikimedia Commons

The House in the Hills

WorldRoberto Vivarelli

On the outskirts of Bolzano, Italy, in some rooms offered by the parish, three educators take care of youngsters in difficulty, from the end of classes until the evening.

Asunción, Paraguay. Wikimedia Commons

Giotto Among the Guaranì and the Reducciones

WorldRoberto Filippetti

Through presences, the expansion of the Presence in the life of a people. The journal of a trip to Asunción: meeting with friends in the local community, the parish of San Rafael, the Happening and the Giotto exhibition.

Nairobi, Kenya. Wikimedia Commons

Young Entrepreneurs Grow Up

WorldPaola Ronconi

Teaching a trade, giving the foundations for opening a business, but above all, accompanying young people in rediscovering their dignity, because “it is not enough to teach someone how to fish, you have to share why one fishes”