World - 2002

Lagos, Nigeria. Wikimedia Commons

A Saturday our of the Ordinary

WorldGabriella Brigi

In a military quarter in Lagos, a charitable work with children evacuated from their homes due to an explosion on January 27th. The experience of a group of young people in their attentive response to what is going on around them.

Astana, Kazakhstan. Wikimedia Commons

Foreshadowing the Future

WorldPaola Ronconi & Lucia Beltrami

Good news from Kazakhstan. The Pope’s visit, an original and enterprising university professor, the winter vacation, looking for a job. In a country where everything that is Italian is exotic. Testimony of a faith that changes people

Church of the Nativity the Birthplace of Jesus. Bethlehem, Palestine. Wikimedia Commons

In the Storm

WorldCamille Eid

The Christians are fleeing Palestine, because of the climate of tension and violence, but above all because of the growth of fundamentalism.

Christ cleans leper man. Wikimedia Commons

The Psychiatrist of the Forest

WorldMarco Bertoli

A journey in a remote village in western Africa, in contact with the mentally ill no one wants. Traveling with Grégoire, a doctor, who goes around liberating the “new slaves.”