World - 2015

Mary and Child, Sinai. Via Wikimedia Commons

We Love Life More than They Want Death

WorldGiancarlo Cesana and Davide Prosperi

"Is there a good to give our lives to that is greater than the evil that denies life?" We publish a reflection on the recent terrorist attacks in Madrid, London and Paris.

London, England. Wikimedia Commons

Close to Those who Are Far Away

WorldLuca Fiore

A day in the suburbs of London with Fr. Jose "Pepe" Claveria to see how in this ultra secularized society faith can once again be credible (and attractive) even for “pagans.”

Terence Berden. Photo by Maria Ramos

Another Miracle in Bethlehem

WorldTerence Berden

"The miracle wasn’t the tears, but the judgment from the people of Jerusalem." Terence Berden recounts the screening of his first film, "Full of Grace," in the Christian ghetto of Bethlehem.

Caracas, Venezuela. Wikimedia Commons

Hope Cannot be Kidnapped

WorldAlejandro Marius

"What is the purpose for which this is happening to me?” This was the question that accompanied German Velutini, a banker from Caracas, during the period from his kidnapping to his liberation.

The Human Heart. Flickr

Lisa's Thirst


Here a high school student witnesses to the mercy of God and the positivity of reality in her conviction that even those in ISIS have the same heart as everyone else.

Resurrection of Christ by Rottenhammer via Wikimedia Commons

The Hundredfold is Always More

WorldDavide Prosperi

From his questions as a boy to his intuition seeing the video of “Recognizing Christ,” all the way to the “call” received today. The witness of Davide Prosperi, Vice President of the Fraternity of CL, at the GS Easter Triduum.

The CL Brazil Community in St. Peter's Square. Traces

On His Journey

WorldP. Bergamini, L. Fiore, A. Leonardi, P. Perego, A. Stoppa

People of all ages and homelands reflect on the Pope’s proposal, starting with what happened in front of them.

Jesus Blessing the Children. Wikimedia Commons

Prodigal Sons

WorldPaola Bergamini

The search for self and the chance to rediscover the Father. On the other end, patience and waiting. Parents, teachers, and young people share their experiences of a love that says not “Get out,” but “Go,” just as in the parable.