World - 2010

Cairo, Egypt. Creative Commons CC0

The Cairo Effect

WorldWael Farouq

Last month, we read about the two-day event in Cairo. Here one of the protagonists tells us what thoughts the Meeting provoked in the media and in the Arab world.

St. Nicholas Ordained to the Priesthood. Wikimedia Commons

An Immense Gift

WorldPhil Forlano

50 priests from across America gathered to share their experiences, affirming He who carries their missions forward, the Creator of all, Christ. In tribute to the conclusion of the The Year of the Priest, we present the content of these inspiring days.

'The Old Guitarist' by Artist Pablo Picasso via Flickr

In Front of Those Tears, I Found a Father Again

WorldAlessandra Buzzetti

The meeting of the Pope with the abuse victims in Malta, and his tears, struck everyone. What happened afterwards? We asked some of the protagonists, and they told us why “for the first time, I envisioned I could forgive those who had hurt me so much.”

Port Au Prince, Haiti. Wikimedia Commons

Tenderness of God Amid Ruins

WorldAnna Leonardi

The witness of a pediatrician who worked in Haiti leads us to the truest face of charity: the acknowledgment of our powerlessness in front of a huge need and the discovery of that embrace to which our life belongs.