World - 2007

Kampala, Uganda. Wikimedia Commons

Life with a Family of Eight

WorldPaola Ronconi

The story of the Pizzi family, who have been living in Africa for more than twenty years–at first in Uganda, then in Kenya, and now in Ethiopia–always certain of the loving face that allows one to always feel accompanied.

Don Giussani with Shodo Habukawa

“Monsignor Luigi Giussani is a Part of Me”

WorldShôdô Habukawa

In 1987, Professor Shodo Habukawa invited Fr. Giussani to speak to his monks. After twenty years, he who is now Supreme Chief of the Shingon Buddhism, remembers that first embrace.

Nairobi, Kenya. Creative Commons CC0

A Stronger Bond

WorldNunzia Capriglione

People set in motion not because of an effort, but by the need to share their lives, their work, and the way they raise their children, describe their experience. A revolution in Africa: the end of solitude.

Doctor Greeting Patient. Flickr

The Unexpected?

WorldPaola Bergamini

A mother in coma, and a medical team that decided to compensate for the vital functions in order to permit her to give birth, without aggressive treatment, accepting reality as it is.