World - 2008

The Smoky Mountains. Wikimedia Commons

Who is this Man?

WorldFrancesca Fornasini

Here a student reflects on her time at the CLU vacation and how those in attendance lived "a different reality" informed by Christ. "'Obviously, this is God.' But now, I am finally starting to know, not merely say, that this is true."

Atibaia, Brazil. Wikimedia Commons

We Are Children, Not Orphans

WorldRoberto Fontolan

The invitation to freedom… the value of works… the Aparecida document… Sixteen years after the last meeting with Fr. Giussani, the CL office-holders of the communities of Latin America met to face the question: “What are you seeking?”

Seoul, South Korea. Wikimedia Commons

Heart and Seoul

WorldPaolo Perego

An Italian family living in the Asiatic megalopolis began to experience little encounters that have given rise to a companionship that is small but curious about everything, and increasingly able to deal with life’s vicissitudes in the light of faith.

Vilnius, Lithuania. Wikimedia Commons

The True Light of Vilnius

WorldDavide Perillo

An exhibit that mobilized the CL community has become an event for the entire country. We went to see it, and discovered what kind of heart gave birth to a friendship capable of becoming a proposal for everyone