World - 2016

The School of Community in Lagos, Nigeria

Just to Live

WorldA. Leonardi, P. Perego, P. Ronconi and A. Stoppa

A small trip through Schools of Community worldwide, among tables at a cafe near Parma, on the internet, during an afternoon of study in Burgundy, or at a parking lot in a Muslim neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria.

International Mine Action in Syria (Aleppo). Photo by via Wikimedia Commons


WorldMarinella Bandini

"I’m not concerned about dying tomorrow … What scares me is the idea of not being ready to give everything I have to the people knocking at our doors." Fr. Ibrahim Alsabagh shared his experience serving the Church in Syria since 2014.

GS kids from the London community

Where the Game is Played

WorldAnna Leonardi and Paolo Perego

In Montreal, London and Germany … A journey to GS communities around the world to catch how these kids deal with everyday life with a challenge: “To see if what we have encountered really has to do with everything.”

Great Wall of China at Juyongguan. Photo by Anagoria via Wikimedia Commons

I Feel At Home: Spiritual Exercises in China

WorldPaola Bergamini

There was a Babel of languages and few people knew each other, but Christians and non-Christians shared an unthinkable unity at the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity in China. “An accent of joy never seen before.”

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wikimedia Commons

The Most Beautiful Aspect of Our Friendship

WorldAlessandra Stoppa

Some atheist students were struck by their teacher, and wanted to learn about “the pillars” of the Movement. And so they cooked for the homeless of São Paolo.

Gianna (second from the right) and her friends. Traces

A Charitable Work Called "Gianna"

WorldAnna Leonardi

Every week for years, a group of friends visited Gianna in the psychiatric institute of Karaganda. “It turned out that we were the ones who were the objects of her tenderness.”

Antique Map of South America. Wikimedia Commons

Time to Learn


A Church “going out” and unexpected encounters: Julian De La Morena, leader of CL in Latin America, talks about what is changing his life and that of his friends.

Damascus, Syria. Wikimedia Commons

Return to Damascus

WorldLuca Fiore

The friendship with an Italian colleague. Then in Russia, the meeting with the CL community. The story of how Soulaiman, a doctor, chose to return to the country at war so that his childhood friends could come to know what had changed his life.

Rana Najib with two young girls

The Border Between Night and Day: AVSI in Lebanon

WorldJoshua Stancil

Since 2000, there's been a 41% increase in the number of refugees, with 244 million migrants and displaced persons on the move. Rana Najib, Education Coordinator for AVSI's $10 million operation Lebanon, spoke of this issue in an interview with Traces.