Davide Prosperi and Letizia Bardazzi, president of AIC

Culture: to be for Christ

Notes from the speech by Davide Prosperi, President of the Fraternity of CL, at the assembly of the Association of Italian Cultural Centers ((Milan, May 18, 2024)
Davide Prosperi

I would like to say from the outset that the things I am going to say to you today are the result of a long process of discussion on the subject of our cultural presence, which has taken place over the past few months together with those who share the responsibility for the movement with me. As we have said to each other several times in recent years, authority offers a judgement that is an expression of communion. Included in that judgement is the contribution of my personal experience, lived for so many years in positions of responsibility within the movement, first with Fr. Giussani, then with Fr. Carrón, and now in the role I have been entrusted within our companionship.

Times of recapitulation, discernment, renewal and missionary revival

I would like to start from these words pronounced by Pope Francis at the Audience granted to CL on October 15, 2022: “There has been no lack of serious problems, divisions, and certainly also an impoverishment in the presence of an ecclesial movement as important as Communion and Liberation, from which the Church–and I myself– expects more, much more. Times of crisis are times of recapitulation of your extraordinary history of charity, culture and mission; they are times of critical discernment of what has limited the fruitful potential of Fr Giussani’s charism; they are times of missionary renewal and relaunching in the light of the current ecclesial moment, as well as of the needs, sufferings and hopes of contemporary humanity" [...]

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