Letters - 2021

Tokyo (Photo: Jazael Melgoza/Unslash)

My family in Japan


Marco moved to Tokyo with his wife and children. The experience of the movement had won him over a number of years earlier in Italy, but over time his enthusiasm began to wane...


"It is You I miss in everything that I love"


Carie is a US Navy helicopter pilot on an assignment where she least expected: Japan. She has begun to work on herself to recover that gaze of "openness" and to live again with gratitude.

Morning mass

The path chosen each morning


"To live the real intensely". Starting from this provocation and a deep desire, a group of high school students began going to Mass before school each morning, as recounted by Filippo.

The market in Damascus

Syria: When the ‘I’ flourishes


A Russian and a Belgian from Moscow meet at a friend’s house in Damascus. Despite the electricity rationing, they listen to the Beginning Day together. "A tiny, invisible gesture in a densely populated neighbourhood plunged into darkness and poverty."

The unpredictable amid medical records


Lisetta speaks of the illness and death of her husband Carmelo. A journey of pain and joy. "Seeing my husband transfigured by the consciousness of being loved by Jesus was, for me, the experience of a hundredfold."

The exhibition on Fr. Giussani at the Meeting in Brussels

Brussels: Something precious, for everyone


Meeting Ambassador. The possibility of taking what happens in Rimini all over the world. This is what happened in Belgium a few days ago. Emanuele recounts what happened to him and his friends.

Meeting Brussels. Conference session
Ilaria lecturing

Basel: "Why are you asking me?"


Just before the pandemic, Ilaria found out she was pregnant but that the wife of her PhD student had miscarried. Amid the drama, a dialogue emerged that allowed her to re-discover what allows her to face any circumstance certain and happy.

Pope Francis greets the Slovakian faithful (Photo: Matej Ďuriač)

Bratislava: "Our encounter with Francis"


Some signed up as volunteers whilst others sang in the choir. The spectacular sunrise watched alongside young children waiting for the Pope. An account from the small CL community in Slovakia.

Photo: Robina Weermeijer/unsplash

"Close your eyes and open them again”


After emergency heart surgery, Fulvio is now in a rehabilitation center. "I remember the first day I looked out the window. There were four trees, the bus stop and, in the background, the ring road. Everything was wonderful."

CLU vacation in Italy

The beginning of my search


Claudia happened "accidentally" to go to the CLU summer vacation. She considers herself agnostic, but accepted the invitation. Something unexpected happened during those days. "Now I have a fire within me that I want to nourish."

Haiti (Photo: Unsplash/Zach Vessels)

Haiti: when mercy is the last word


Singing school, the opportunity to perform at some summer events, while news of pain and need reaches her from the other side of the world. This is what Laura discovered.

An evening during the vacation

The present and home


“It is not about where we met, but who we have met.” A CL community vacation in Georgia. Those “unknown” friends and the challenge of moving away. A letter from a friend in Gainsville.

On a hike

When plans are overturned


Matteo had zero expectations before leaving. And for Marta, only two days sufficed for her gaze to change. An account of four days of vacation together in La Thuile.

Photo: Unsplash/Javier Allegue Barros

Madrid: an important step in life


College ended in the middle of the pandemic. Then came illness, many uncertainties, and the desire to be able to relive the fascination of the encounter. Ana speaks of why she decided to join the Fraternity.

Boston (Photo: Daniela De Gol/Unsplash)

God's caress in these moments


Faced with her husband's leukemia, Valentina finds herself on her knees, drawn into a dialogue in which everything is illuminated.

Games by the lake (Photo: A. De Simoni)

Little Tommaso’s first vacation


A hundred friends from the CL communities in the South East spent a few days together on the shores of a lake in Georgia. Enrico speaks about the testimonies, the games, the walks… and the baptism of their new arrival.

The Grigna (Photo: Unsplash/Asoggetti)

"Never alone, in every corner of life”


Green passes, masks and "bubbles" that do not halt the great desire to spend a few days with GS kids. And thirty years of vacations do not diminish a teacher's surprise at a mom's question: "Who are you people?"

Games on the beach

Not a gamble in the dark


The seaside vacation of a group of friends (and others) who for months have met on Zoom. From the Angelus in the morning to games on the beach and cultural visits. Cristiano recounts the beauty he saw.

Photo: Unsplash/Lacie Slezak

High school exams and answers that are not enough


High school exams were different again this year too. Torn between those who tell you "do not worry, your health is everything, think of your future" and a desire for fullness that keeps you awake at night...

Cape Cod (Photo: Unsplah/Benjamin Suter)

The promise of belonging to each other


A weekend camping trip to Cape Cod. Free at last to go on vacation with her friends, Monica experiences nothing extraordinary but unexpected beauty.