Haiti (Photo: Unsplash/Zach Vessels)

Haiti: when mercy is the last word

Singing school, the opportunity to perform at some summer events, while news of pain and need reaches her from the other side of the world. This is what Laura discovered.

I have always loved to sing, and so a few years ago, although I am no longer “very young”, I decided to go to singing school. In July, I was offered the opportunity to perform in public on a few evenings before the outdoor cinema screenings that my town organizes every year during summer. I accepted the opportunity, together with other students, to take part in this particularly beautiful experience. It ended there, to everyone’s satisfaction, especially us students.

On Monday evening, after reading the newspapers and listening to the news coming from Haiti and Afghanistan, while we were praying an "online" rosary, I received a message on WhatsApp from my singing teacher informing me that we had been paid for our performance. Thus, particularly amazed by this, I immediately saw it as an opportunity to donate the money to AVSI for the Haitian emergency.

I asked my teacher if I could transfer the money directly to AVSI, an association she was not familiar with, and she was very happy and immediately added her own contribution.

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For me, but not only for me, this fact, which surely represents a drop in the ocean of the world's need, was the possibility to see that mercy comes even within these details; it first of all allowed me to see that sadness and death do not have the last word in this world.