Letters - 2021 - Page 3

I Want to Stay Awake to See Him


Struggling after the deaths of both of her parents, Melissa discovers unexpected joy in a "painfully beautiful" encounter.

Photo: Unsplash/S&B Vonlanthen

"Mom, I am a happy child"


Amidst a mother's struggles and suffering in the face of her son's disability, until she realizes that he "lives each day responding to a love"...

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"That girl’s big heart"


"Thrown" from her high school teaching job to middle school and support teaching. A huge struggle, so much so that she was even angry at God. A teacher recounts what then changed everything.

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"Good morning Prof, what time are you going to mass?”


Months of teaching that are tiring, yet very rich, where it is possible to see the humanity of young people flourish. Like that of a boy who talks about his grandmother and his faith, or that of the student who recommends a film about Chiara Lubich...

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Teachers and students. A single path


It is possible to bet everything on each of our hearts, as was said during the meeting on January 30. What happens when a student struggling with online learning is asked the big question about the meaning of life?

CL Spiritual Exercises in Rimini, 2018 (Photo: Roberto Masi)

"I began to ask myself: Who am I?"


Dissatisfied, tired and challenged. Mara asks herself, "What does God want from me?" Then came her encounter with CL. During the lockdown, an unexpected gladness and decision.


Brazil: Beauty and pain go together


The story of eight friends, a young Fraternity group in São Paulo Fraternity, and what they are experiencing thanks to Andressa's testimony... If "the finiteness of life is not the end".

Chile: "Nothing stops us from living intensely”


No community vacations due to the pandemic. Thus the CL community in Chile moved its days of living together online. Four days of meetings, testimonies, games, art and cooking workshops... An experiment that tries to embrace everything.

Photo: Unplash/Basil Samuel Lade

Basel: "What allows me to walk?"


During the pandemic, the discovery of the true root of friendship, and the possibility that everything becomes an opportunity for the discovery of the self and of the world. Like an encounter with a Nigerian doctoral student…

Some friends of Bocatas in Barcelona

When there is no proper place for sadness


An evening with the homeless in Barcelona at the end of December. An encounter “with the last among the last” and a novelty, through charitable work, that can change lives. This is what happened to Peter.

Photo: Pexels-Rodnae Productions

My new (temporary) dwelling place


The virus strikes Nando and forces him into a hospital room, but his roommate and the comfort of those outside do not leave him alone. A companionship that gives no respite. It is a bit like when you are young at an amusement park…

Fr. Pigi Bernareggi

My "beginning" with Bernareggi


Dino Quartana, a Dominican in Paris, recounts his meeting with the recently deceased missionary, and Fr. Giussani’s arrival at the Berchet. "It was a mysterious friendship. What he is living now is what he was already living before."

Dino Quartana
Mireille Yoga at the Edimar Center in Yaoundé, Cameroon

"The same things I live for”


An initiative for the AVSI Tents Campaign that due to the pandemic had to be thought out in a new format. Yet it surprised everyone, from the organizers to the three hundred people connected online to listen to our friend Mireille from Cameroon.

Photo: Unsplash/Max Delsid

A cooking class from “another world”


No live Christmas crib in the square this year to support AVSI Tents. Why not call a friend who is a chef for an online class and still collect donations?