Following the Exercises in Cantù

Fraternity 2021: "Those who love do not need to be summoned”

A small group of friends from Cantù follow the Spiritual Exercises in a parish. At the end of the three-day event, the priest who hosted them wrote to say thank you: "I pray that you may bring a hope that does not disappoint to every person you meet..."

Together with a small group of friends, including some who had never followed the Fraternity Exercises and others whose last time was several years ago, we were able to follow the lessons together thanks to the hospitality of a parish that allowed us to use their hall, guaranteeing respect of all the regulations and protective measures. The priest, Fr. Eugenio, who is not a member of the movement, made himself available on Saturday afternoon for Confession and for a moment of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration in the chapel. On Sunday evening we received this letter from him:

"Dear friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your witness to faith during these days of Spiritual Exercises. We have willingly put our facilities at your disposal, even though we regret that we could not offer you a "warmer" welcome. Unfortunately, as you know, the premises have been closed for months due to the pandemic. We hope to be able to resume our educational activities soon. The contribution that you have left will serve our educational commitment towards children, teens and young people, so that the story of this event that has changed our lives – the encounter with the person of Jesus Christ – might continue forever, from generation to generation. I pray that you may bring a hope that does not disappoint to every person you meet: the Risen Christ. Our dear Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, at the end of a conference in Verona, urged all believers to be a witness to this: "Bring God’s hope into the world, which is Christ the Lord, who rose from the dead and lives and reigns for ever and ever".

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This extraordinary proclamation of Christ's Easter is now entrusted to our fragile humanity. We hope to be able to welcome you again, at a more favorable time and in better circumstances. I am certain that we all feel part of the same community, the Church. Those who love do not need to be solicited, summoned... They put themselves at the service of others because they believe that only by walking together can they regain the certainty of encountering the face of Christ. You will recall the experience of Thomas: when he distanced himself from the experience of the eleven, he came to utter words of doubt, "I do not believe" (John 20:19-25). Only in fraternity is faith strengthened, and does it grow and bear fruit".

Armando, Cantù, Italy