Photo: Kari Shea/Unsplash

When plans fall through

In isolation, worried about "filling her time," Emanuela felt that the more she did, the greater her discomfort at not being able to go out. Then, in such an unwanted situation, a question opened wide…

When my isolation first began, I was worried about "filling my time," so I began to organize my days - cleaning the house, cooking, finishing reading the book of the month that I had left on my nightstand, online coursework, and so on. But paradoxically, the more things I did at home, the more I felt a lack in my day that was not just due to not being able to go out.

Then my family’s Covid situation evolved and I was the only person still positive; I was forced to remain isolated in my room and even the Pharmaceutical Bank Day was cancelled for me. This much unwanted situation opened me wide to the question, "Where do You want to lead me through this circumstance, Lord? Why did You choose me?"

From then on, my attitude during the day changed - of getting up in the morning, of doing the usual things. I began to look for the One who was generating every circumstance. The consequence of this is that I discovered that I was happy even in the face of difficulties, and free from complaining about what was not going according to my plans. But above all, I rediscovered myself as grateful for the little things that I would otherwise take for granted: a beautiful sunny day, a delicious plate of pasta prepared by my husband, a friend who brought me some sweet things because he knows I like them and could not go out and buy them myself.

All these "cuddles" take me back to a greater Love that invests my days. Thanks to this Love I realize that I lack nothing, because I already have everything even if locked in a room. But what makes such a gaze towards reality possible? Not an effort on my part, but a place, a human companionship and the work of School of Community that facilitates this continuous comparison with the charism that makes everything an Advent.

Emanuela, Ancona, Italy