Letters - 2021 - Page 2

The Grigna (Photo: Unsplash/Asoggetti)

"Never alone, in every corner of life”


Green passes, masks and "bubbles" that do not halt the great desire to spend a few days with GS kids. And thirty years of vacations do not diminish a teacher's surprise at a mom's question: "Who are you people?"

Games on the beach

Not a gamble in the dark


The seaside vacation of a group of friends (and others) who for months have met on Zoom. From the Angelus in the morning to games on the beach and cultural visits. Cristiano recounts the beauty he saw.

Photo: Unsplash/Lacie Slezak

High school exams and answers that are not enough


High school exams were different again this year too. Torn between those who tell you "do not worry, your health is everything, think of your future" and a desire for fullness that keeps you awake at night...

Cape Cod (Photo: Unsplah/Benjamin Suter)

The promise of belonging to each other


A weekend camping trip to Cape Cod. Free at last to go on vacation with her friends, Monica experiences nothing extraordinary but unexpected beauty.

Ireland: “God uses everything to reawaken me”


The word expectation has resonated in Hilda’s life since she was a child. “Getting married, having my children, meeting the movement…What more could I want? And yet this sense of expectation remained." And faced with Covid, everything came to a head…

Photo: Unsplash/Artem Maltsev

The continuous task of being true


More than forty years of teaching celebrated with colleagues and with a letter to his students. A story made up of faces, moments, even mistakes. And a gaze that has changed over time.

Brussels, Grand Place (Photo: Unsplash/Alex Vasey)

Belgium: "My hope, within the yes of a friend”


Work and the pandemic, the provocation of the Fraternity Exercises, open questions. Until realising, faced with the friendship between Eleonora and a Flemish couple, "what can rekindle my heart."

Amid the spires of Milan Cathedral (Photo: Unsplash/Christoph Schulz)

"Not my doing, but my waiting”


On top of Milan Cathedral at the end of 'a wonderful school year'. A teacher describes her amazement at her class accepting a slightly different proposal for the last day of school.

Photo: Unsplash/ThisisEngineering RAEng

A flower that blossoms among books


An Indian girl asks for help in maths. Her friends also sign up for the classes with her. A volunteer speaks of the surprise of a change that happened before his eyes.

Peter, Denver

I saw the unexpected


It was Peter's first time following the Fraternity Exercises. What stuck in his mind was how much we need Christ to break through. A few days later he went to dinner at "My Father's House", a non-profit organisation that supports men on parole...

The cover of the Japanese edition of "The radiance in your eyes"

The adventure of the "radiance" in Japanese


Marcia has just finished translating Carrón's book, which came out last year. It was a long and complicated job, forcing her to get to the bottom of what the text was saying. But it was worth it, even if it were just for one person.

Accompanied, In Every Step


For Monica, coming together to watch the Exercises is the chance to experience that "someone thinks about me."

Hiroshima (Photo: Lorenzo Lamonica/Unsplash)

Japan: discovering yourselves as companions


The Spiritual Exercises of the CL Fraternity have just been held for the Japanese community. Sako from Hiroshima and Michiyo from Yokohama recount what they experienced.

The sons and daughters of a Queen


The Massachusetts community began the month of May with a pilgrimage. "An amazing sense of a common understanding of what we were doing there and what had brought us together." Fr. Luis experiences the "taste of freedom" with his friends from Boston.

Photo: Unsplash/Erik Mclean

New, unforeseen traces


Her first Fraternity Exercises after ten years. Her return to School of Community... Marilena speaks of how her hope was rekindled.

Tom Sullivan

Tom's undefended heart


He met the movement in the mid-1980s and from there a great story of communion was born. This is how a friend remembered Tom Sullivan at his funeral a few days ago.

Macerata-Loreto: "Our journey handed over to the Pope"


The historic pilgrimage on foot will take place again this year in a special format, with a live gesture from the Holy House on Saturday, June 12. In the meantime, the organizers went to an audience with Pope Francis.

The vigil in the Church of Santa Maria Segreta in Milan

"The freedom to say 'Here I am'"


The desire to start over after a year of restrictions and exhaustion. Universities are slowly being filled again. Sofia shares her questions and the Archbishop of Milan's provocation during the vigil for university students.

Mexico: Like a bucket of cold water


A terrible subway accident claimed 25 fatalities last Wednesday in the Mexican capital. The outrage over such an event is mixed with shock and the evidence that "our life depends in every instant.”

Photo: Unsplash/Martin Castro

Fraternity Exercises: "Invited to change mindset"


A year of pandemic, hospitalization for Covid, treatment at home, the closeness of so many friends... And the opportunity to follow the three-day Fraternity event online. Luca speaks of his gratitude for what is happening.