Mexico: Like a bucket of cold water

A terrible subway accident claimed 25 fatalities last Wednesday in the Mexican capital. The outrage over such an event is mixed with shock and the evidence that "our life depends in every instant.”

The subway accident that took place last Wednesday in Mexico City has had a very strong impact. A young woman from the CLU (the CL university students) lives very close to that station and had been there just an hour before to pick up her mother. Thank God, they are both well.

This event really calls for my conversion. We all know that it was due to administrative negligence. Those who regularly use this mode of transport had reported it several times: "the subway thunders", "the subway is terrible".... It transports thousands of people per minute, it is the most efficient means of transportation in Mexico City. But it was built badly, with a multi-million-dollar budget and it seemed as though it were made out of paper. I am very indignant.

This event makes me realize in a powerful way, as if a bucket of cold water were thrown upon me, that our life depends completely in every moment. It is given to us in every instant. Every hair, as the Gospel says, is given to us in every instant.

It is necessary to start anew every day to generate those new subjects that only the Christian path can generate. And we have received a great gift.

Esther Guadalupe, Mexico