Letters - 2022

The Meeting via radio in Argentina

Argentina: "Our meeting on the radio"


The six-day Rimini Meeting was also experienced more than 11,000 kilometers away. For one reason: "I want to understand why they are so happy." Here is the story of a young woman from Buenos Aires...

The lighthouse on the island of Texel, The Netherlands (©Unsplash/Marieke Koenders)

"Here and now, on the beach in Texel”


Hikes, bicycle rides, dialogues and meetings. "A continuous crescendo of gratitude." An account of the summer vacation of the Dutch community, where "time was not even wasted at breakfast.”

The hike during the vacation in the mountains of Almaty

An open window to happiness


From different cities in Kazakhstan and Italy to the mountains of Almaty. To spend four days together. And learn to recognize Christ present, "who is mysteriously incarnated before our eyes."

The excursion to Lake Kaunas

"More at home than among our families"


The Lithuanian CL community's three-day vacation. In a time of fatigue for all, an experience of unity, charity and gladness, and the surprise of being "loved and loving before the Presence that brought us together."

Towards the Sanctuary of the Holy House (Photo: Beatrice Picotti)

Living that "stable fullness"


Sara participated in the pilgrimage to Loreto for high school graduates, university undergraduates and graduates. An opportunity to rediscover that "it is not a matter of where I go, what I choose or what job I will do, but Whose I am."

Photo: Unsplash/Victor Malyushev

"My roses are blooming"


Rachelle recounts community life in North Carolina. In 2011 there were seven people, but at their last gathering there were more than 40 people. "What are You doing, Lord, that You have created this community out of practically nothing?"

Photo: Giorgio Grani/Unsplash

The People of God


Participating in the Synodal process, Luca witnesses the presence of Christ that transforms everything: "Who are you, Christ, who can change our heart of stone and transform it into a heart of flesh?"

Allegra in Taiwan

Taiwan: A father, the question, the path


A letter from Allegra, who received Baptism at Easter, faced with the sudden news of the departure of Fr. Donato, who has been a missionary on the island for many years.

Pope Francis at the World Meeting of Families (Photo: Catholic Press Photo)

Wonder that moves the heart


Ugo was invited with his wife and children to the World Meeting of Families with Pope Francis. "Reality far exceeded my expectations." Here is his story

Monsignor Jules Boutros on the day of his consecration as bishop

"It is I who received from you"


The Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL were also held in Lebanon, with the participation of Monsignor Jules Boutros, the new bishop of the Church of Antioch. He is a friend who recently started spending time with the small Lebanese community.

Ari and Cindy in Rome

"I want to be like them"


Ari was born in Indonesia and moved to the Netherlands with his wife Cindy for a master's degree. He got to know about CL in his parish. His defensive heart, the invitations, that couple at the Rimini Meeting, and the words that became experience...

Havana (Photo: Daniel Sessler Zoe/Unsplash)

Caribbean: returning to the essential


The Fraternity Exercises took place from May 20-22 for the Caribbean communities. They are experiencing real difficulties, but Presence continues to change lives. Here are the letters of two friends who lived those days with them...

Bloomington, Indiana (Photo: Aaron Shafer/Unsplash)

Sharing life


After a period when many friends began to leave, new faces came to join Chevy and the community in Bloomington. She shares how she discovered the joy of sharing with others what she has met.

The church in Owo that was attacked on June 5 (Photo: Ansa)

Nigeria: "The greatest help I receive”


After the attack in the church in Owo on June 5, the temptation was to say: “Nothing will ever change.” Barbara recounts what allowed her not to be discouraged, and what made her say “yes” again.

(Photo: Eduardo Garcia/Unsplash)

Peru: Do you need more?


University students from Peru participated in the CLU Spiritual Exercises in Latin America. Here are some testimonies that recount what those days provoked...

Smoky Mountains (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Master is here and He is waiting for you


Friends from Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, and New Jersey gathered in the Smokey Mountains to follow the Fraternity Exercises. Amid hikes and children, "we left filled with the certainty that the cabin was—and our friendship is—a place of belonging."

Women from Meeting Point International in Kampala dancing

Uganda: Moved by an experience that gives gusto to everything


A problematic pregnancy, and other difficulties that “make everything gray.” Then she received an invitation to meet the women of the Meeting Point. Francesca speaks of "the greatest novelty that happens in me by simply looking at them."

Photo: Unsplash/Connor Misset

"Called by name, like Zacchaeus by Jesus”


Antonio, a detainee, is serving an alternative sentence in a facility near Rimini. He recounts how meeting new friends broke down the walls that "I had built around myself since I was a child."

Vincent van Gogh, 'Houses at Auvers' (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

What makes a house a home


Rossella experiences a newness in opening her home to friends, and thanks to this experience is learning that "how I can discover my own heart and that my life is important for what happens in the world."

The Little "Tenda"


Together with friends, Lucia organized a "Tenda" to help fundraise for #helpUkraine. She recounts how she rediscovered the meaning of charitable work.