Letters - 2022 - Page 2

Chicago (Photo: Unsplash/Max Bender)

Saturdays of Singing


Sharing her desire with her friends, Sally invites the Chicago Community to participate in a monthly moment of singing together.

A burnt car in front of the residence of the Kazakh President (Photo: Valery Sharifulin//Sipa USA/Mondadori Portfolio)

Kazakhstan: "We pray for the victims of violence"


The message of Monsignor Adelio Dell'Oro, Bishop of Karaganda. "We are saddened by so much violence and disrespect for human life. Only with true religiosity, a real dependence on God, we can discover ourselves as brothers and sisters.”

The evening watching the documentary on the APAC prison at My Father's House

On a journey "deep down" into the human


His friendship with Jim, whom he met seven years ago, and the birth of a housing community for parolees. Lorenzo from Colorado recounts what he has experienced in recent months.


Tunisia: “Why and for whom we are here”


“It is more evident than ever that it is not a matter of ‘saying’ but of ‘being’.” Service in the Diocese, encounters and relationships with the people. A letter from Tunis.

The women of the Memores house in Tunis
National Bridge State Resort Park (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Camping With the Knights in Kentucky


A group of middle school children from Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina, Illinois, and Tennessee spend the weekend camping together with Fr. Roberto.