Letters - 2013

Christ and His Disciples in Emmaus by Jacob Andries Beschey. Via Wikimedia Commons

More familiar with His Irresistible Presence


I can’t keep letting events in my life happen without bearing witness to the facts that I perceive to be changing me. The most recent and clear evidence was at the National Equipe this year in Rochester, MN...

The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew by Duccio di Buoninsegna. Via Wikimedia Commons

“In a moment, I was changed”


I started going to School of Community when a friend invited me and honestly everything everyone said went way over my head and I literally couldn’t follow anything they said...

The Annunciation by John William Waterhouse. Via Wikimedia Commons

The true change coincides with being myself


Straightening up my desk drawer, I found the notes of what you told me before I departed for Africa. Six years have gone by already. My experience here has not been a walk in the park; yet, by accepting your challenge, today I find myself changed...

Nebraska prairie. CC0 Creative Commons

A torrent of (welcomed) change


When I was at the National Diaconia a few weeks ago, you posed a question to a crowded New Yorker Hotel conference room: “How do you know you need to change?” Immediately, hands rose, followed by a string of answers...

Hands joined in prayer. CC0 Creative Commons

What are these painful events telling me?


Reading and listening to the recent painful events that involved some persons in the Movement in Italy, I felt the urge to write. Over the past few days, I thought about it all a lot and I discovered a new way to face these circumstances...