Letters - 2009

Children playing. CC0

A place to share family life


“There must be a place in Your Church for me and all of my family to belong.” This was my begging to God. Real begging, not casual asking or wondering; it was a desperate plea...

Rose Busingye and Fr. Luigi Giussani.

More than a family


When my father died, I was hopeless, until I met Rose. I was only a child, and did not expect to be able to go ahead with school, but she looked at me and said, “Dennis, do you know you have a value? You can do whatever you want!” ...

Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Kirilos via Flickr

Christ always fulfills our desires


I met CL in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, where I lived. I had gone to confession to Father Gilson and he told me, “Come and meet my friends.” At the time, I was finishing high school and I met Father Paulo and Inês...

US dollars. CC0

That presence inside the crisis


Financial crisis began for me years ago when I found myself alone bringing up eight children. I had not worked outside of the home in 18 years. Within the first year, the beautiful home went into foreclosure...

Fr. Luigi Giussani with GS students.

A turning-point experience


Fr. Luigi Giussani begs that we ask ourselves a question: “Is it reasonable to leave the only thing in my life that has struck my heart because I don’t understand it?”

South Dakota prairie. CC0

Following GS on the Prairie


On Saturday, I went to South Dakota, near Sioux Falls, to see a girl named Briege, who had come with us for the short GS [Student Youth] February vacation, for the first time...

Schoolyard. Via Wikimedia Commons

“He’s Alive in Our School”


A lot of the GS kids at my school have first period free together. It is so beautiful because they started meeting to do School of Community or to read or study together every morning...

Melbourne, Australia. CC0

Recognizing Christ in Australia


I am writing to you from Australia, where I have been living for the past four years. I just came back with my husband and my daughter from a vacation in Italy, during which we shared very intense moments with our families and friends...

Venetian Arsenal in Heraklion in Crete. Via Wikimedia Commons

The Church Here and Now


Since 2007, I’ve been living in Heraklion, on the island of Crete, with my husband Diego and my daughter Vittoria. The letter you wrote on the occasion of the Bishops’ Synod has been for us a provocation to judge the time we have spent here...