Letters - 2014

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Mystery, Manners, and High School English

LettersTom Tobin

High school teacher Tom Tobin reflected on Flannery O'Connor's essay, "The Teaching of Literature," and its implications in the modern classroom.

Healing of the Blind Man by Jesus Christ. Wikimedia Commons

The Vacation That I Cannot Attend


We are great activists; we try to do everything ourselves. Then, one comes to the realization that life is in His hands...

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My Disabled Child is Happy


The dispute of euthanasia made personal within the workplace and how one women who "faced the circumstance with truth."

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We Have To Live This Way Everyday


Living the life of the Movement among financial frustration and familial dissaproval, yet conquering all of this to remain in front of Him and the friends that bear his face.

Father and Son. Public Domain CC0

Now My Father is My Friend


Camilo describes how encountering Christianity allowed him to be fearless in front of reuniting with his father.

The Disciples Peter and John Running to the Tomb by Eugene Burnand via Wikimedia Commons

"One Day at the Angelus, I Took a Step Ahead"


People can attack the Movement right and left, but I only care about what I met and saw: friends who live in Jesus and for Jesus, bearing witness to His presence with their daily lives...

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A Testimony: A Life Given Freely


Below is a letter written by Maria Grazia Beghin (a member of the Fraternity of Saint Joseph) a few weeks before dying, after a long illness, on December 15, 2013.